ArmA 3 Alpha test starts next week, pre-purchasing nets full access

Tuesday, 26th February 2013 15:29 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Bohemia Interactive has announced an Alpha test for ArmA 3 and details on how you can get a spot in it.

Starting March 5, players will be given a limited amount of playable and sandbox content to try along with regular updates. The tester will remain accessible until ArmA 3’s beta starts sometime during Q2 this year.

Four mission in the Alpha will be available: Infantry, Vehicles, SCUBA and Helicopter. A limited subset of weapons and vehicles, two multiplayer scenarios, the scenario editor and modding support will also be available to try out.

To participate, you will have to purchase the ArmA 3 Alpha for €24.99/£19.99/$32.99 or the ArmA 3 Digital Deluxe Edition for €39.99/£34.99/$49.99 on Steam.

Extras in the Digital Deluxe Edition include a digital soundtrack, digital maps, digital tactical guide, and a digital copy of ArmA Cold War Assault (formerly known as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis).

Both versions include access to beta plus a digital copy of the complete game upon release. The price of each edition will increase once the ArmA 3 Beta and final game become available.

You can also choose to be a “supporter” by purchasing the ArmA 3 Supporter Edition for €69.99/£59.99/$91.99 from the Bohemia store. The edition ships with all the extras from the digital deluxe edition, a Steam Gift of ArmA X, all future ArmA 3 DLC, a special forums medal and the opportunity your names featured in the game’s credits.

If you don’t want to drop coin at the moment, you can get the free, limited version of the Alpha, called the ArmA 3 Alpha Lite which will be available on Thursday March 14. It will run for one week and goes live after the initial Alpha release.

It does not include multiplayer or modding support, and is invite-only and can be obtained from people who have purchased the ArmA 3 Alpha. Invites will also be randomly distributed via the ArmA 3 social channels and as giveaways by media outlets.

The ArmA 3 Alpha Lite expires on June 15, does not provide access to the ArmA 3 Beta and does not include a copy of the final game.

The ArmA 3 Alpha will be available on Steam next Tuesday March 5, and the game releases in Q3 2013.



  1. nollie4545

    £35 for Arma3…. Could be good, could be mind blowing. Could be game changing. Could also be a poorly optimised bug fest which looks pretty. Of all the games to go out on limb for and pre-order, Arma 3 is not it. Give it 6 or 8 months and it’ll be on steam for £15…probably.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. DSB

    @1 If you’ve never heard of Bohemia Interactive before, you would be forgiven for thinking so.

    Sadly the rule – and it is a rule – is to wait for the first expansion, because that’s usually when their games start to feel like games, rather than a collection of mangled code.

    Then again, as much as I want to bitchslap them for putting out broken games at full price, this could be a way to get the community aboard, and perhaps prevent some of that.

    Regardless, my level of trust is zero until I see something more.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Chortles

    Well now, DSB, the whole point of the pricing plan does imply “you’re getting that big discount right now BECAUSE it’s a buggy mess”… just like the DayZ alpha release plan.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. DSB

    @3 Right, and I’m saying where was that discount for ArmA and ArmA 2? Those were actually passed off as full price releases.

    #4 2 years ago

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