Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 won’t have multiple endings, says Toriyama

Thursday, 14th February 2013 17:06 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will have one, final concrete ending, according to director Motomu Toriyama.

Speaking with VG247, Toriyama said unlike Final Fantasy 13-2, there won’t be multiple endings possible.

“The concept behind the design of Lighting Returns is that it will be the concluding chapter of the Lightning Saga,” said Toriyama. “Unlike in the previous title, there will not be multiple possible endings created from differently branching interpretations of history, but instead the story will lead to the one true ending.

“Having said that, the game is structured so that time is constantly ticking away during gameplay and the world moving and changing with it, meaning that every time you play through you can have a new experience.”

Dave’s full interview with Toriyama will go live on Tuesday, February 19.

Lightning Returns is the third and final installment in the Final Fantasy 13 series, and follows the events of Final Fantasy 13-2. It’s expected in the fall.



  1. Gnosis

    Does “the world moving and changing” mean same palette-swapping dungeon recycling they had in the last game?

    #1 2 years ago
  2. salarta

    So, the Twilight saga ends, now the Lightning saga. Hopefully Toriyama disappears at its conclusion as well and people of actual talent take the reins at Squeenix again. Ideally starting with an Aya Brea game that makes 3rd Birthday noncanon and does justice to Aya as a character.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. hives

    He was also director of Final Fantasy X-2 which was IMO better than XIII and XIII-2.

    About LR… I don’t know… I will play it probably, cause I’m interested in what they are doing with combat. But oh my god what would I give for proper next FF title, it would be FF XV, right? :P I really hope when they are done with XIII and this whole Crystalis thing (Versus XIII will also be part of XIII universe if I understand correctly), they will change the setting drastically. I would love steampunk or fantasy-steampunk setting, no more this modern-sci-fi-fantasy whatever it is.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. DLTDawnlight


    * Fang and Vanille are released from Crystalization
    * Lightning’s tears revive Serah from the dead
    * Lightning saves the world

    THE END :D

    #4 2 years ago
  5. salarta

    @3: For FFX-2, I can grant that the gameplay was good, and maybe the music and bare quality of graphics, but the story and the things they had Yuna and the other characters do and wear were horrendous as a supposed sequel to FFX. Maybe as a completely brand new IP they would have been okay, but a sequel or spinoff of an existing IP with established characters significantly altered to force them to be ways they aren’t? No way.

    @4: That’s probably accurate. I’m assuming since Toriyama and several others are so obsessive over Lightning (to the point that I very seriously suspect Toriyama may have purposely ruined Aya Brea so Lightning wouldn’t have to “compete” with her), and this is supposed to be the last game, they’ll go out of their way to godmode her onto as high a pedestal as they can conceive. My entirely wild guess is that regardless of whether Lightning lives or dies in the end (probably dies so the other characters can be all traumatized at losing the great Lightning and make a big talk about how great she supposedly is), she’ll become a goddess.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. splashofartstudios

    SquareEnix needs to just drop this and move on to another Final Fantasy… imho ff 13 was the worst of the series….and 13-2 only got worse…..This “lightening returns” jesus….just stop….

    #6 2 years ago
  7. dcarnage

    Yay, it’s going to be over! Now they can work on a good FF game. I think FF13 would have done better as a movie. My opinions of course.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. Shinji10TH

    Great comments, you should all be hired as a board for SE (you can fire Toriyama by yourselves), so that you can make all the remakes you want for FFVII, and also finish FF Versus while you are at it.

    Seriously, what is wrong with you? Can’t you play the whole game before judging it, or at least abstain from talking about it since you know nothing concerning it.

    @1: Funny thing, you are talking about DA2, huh? because FFXIII-2 environments that were present in the first one were all remade since the games structure doesn’t resemble each other.

    Luckily SE doesn’t listen to such haters, or else it will turn the FF franchise to a CoD like system.

    #8 2 years ago
  9. Gnosis

    @8: Oh, and DA2 was made by SE? Must’ve missed that. Srsly, wtf? XIII-2 did exactly the same thing as DA2. They just added some palette swaps here and there. In one time period the ruins you visit are covered with snow, in the other they’re covered with sand. Omigosh. But those are still the same ruins and most of the time the same paths you can take. And they use those handfull of maps again and again and again. Yeah, SO much better than DA2.

    And taking DA2 as a bad example doesn’t make XIII-2 a better game. Toothache is not as bad as a fork in my eye. But it doesn’t make it less of a pain in the ass.

    #9 2 years ago
  10. salarta

    @7: FF13 probably would have done better not trying to masquerade as a Final Fantasy game for starters. After that, as a movie sounds like the best bet considering Toriyama tried to claim linearity in dungeons was required to keep the story going (funny how that wasn’t a problem for FF4 or FF6).

    @8: I can’t speak for everyone else, but I can speak for myself, and I think seeing Toriyama’s track record and how Squeenix behaves gives me more than enough background to preemptively judge the game. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t preemptively judge the game, I’ve done that with DmC, “Tomb Raider” and Resident Evil 6, but I think my very thorough understanding of how this company and this director do things gives me plenty to judge from. Toriyama’s the worst hack in the industry, even worse than Uwe Boll, since at least Uwe Boll only managed to ruin film adaptations of franchises and not the franchises themselves. Just look at FFX-2 and 3rd Birthday for non-FF13 evidence of his “genius,” along with the tons of lying and excuses he and coworkers made about his work that happened with both 3rd Birthday and FF13. And let’s not forget that it’s now known that he had to constantly be reined in from making the Honeybee Inn in FF7 into something that went way, way too far.

    If Toriyama wasn’t involved in this project, I MIGHT have been able to say it was up in the air. After all, I hear Final Fantasy Type-0 was a great game even though Tabata, the director of 3rd Birthday, was behind that, and Bravely Default is apparently great too. But with Toriyama on board, no way. He’s shown his true colors, they’re all horrendous. This is a man that does not deserve to make video games, or at least ones related to any existing franchises. I’d have more faith in Stephenie Meyer making a Final Fantasy game than Toriyama.

    #10 2 years ago

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