Star Galaxy announced by Square Enix

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 07:42 GMT By Naren Hooson

The Square Enix teaser site that was predicted to be for a Star Ocean social game has been revealed to be for Star Galaxy, an MMO space sim game.

Siliconera have more on the game, including screen shots and a trailer, which doesn’t reveal too much visually, but may if you can read Japanese.

According to Siliconera the game is played as a planet’s commander in chief by managing resources, infrastructure and power sources. A base can be built up with the addition of buildings. As an MMO up to 2,000 people battle on one gigantic battlefield.

The Star Galaxy factions are:
– The Boldor Imperial Army led by Roy Bismark.
– The Holy Knights of Selshion led by Dia Vite.
– The Universe Trading Union led by Tagel.
– Vivian from the Republic is a feared commander who crushes his enemies.

Star Galaxy is a browser game starting a closed beta test on December 20 being handled by Yahoo! Japan. The trailer is included below for viewing.