Australia – Resident Evil 6 street date broken

Friday, 28th September 2012 03:32 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Resident Evil 6 is available right now in Australian stores, GameInformer Australia reports. The latest horror effort was not expected to release locally until October 2 but can be purchased on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Street date breaks aren’t always actioned in all stores, and are sometimes reversed, so ring your favourite retailer ahead of time to double check.



  1. B.E.S.O

    Not the first time, eh ?

    #1 2 years ago
  2. KrazyKraut

    seriously this is not worth posting. A lot of the smaller independent sellers here in Germany are breaking street dates. The same for Fifa 13. My old favorite retailer sold it already on Monday, 10 am.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Kuwabara

    got mine today but my gf doesnt want me playing it till she gets it..

    #3 2 years ago

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