Modern Warfare 3′s Chaos DLC gets its own trailer

Thursday, 9th August 2012 18:25 GMT By Jeff Dunn

Sure, we may have told you all about Modern Warfare 3′s new Chaos DLC pack earlier today, but were there ‘splosions? I didn’t think so. So, check out the DLC pack’s accompanying trailer below to see all the new content just released for the shooter in action.



  1. drewbles82

    I like the idea of the new mode and hope that can be used on all maps. To me MW3 has far more replay valve than the others, though i do prefer the maps on MW2. Wish that it was 2yrs inbetween games rather than one as I’d love IW to still make content for this, esp if they bring more mw2 maps.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. TMRNetShark

    Eh… I’ve just been using the multiplayer maps for the game… quite honestly… I miss Range and Summit from Black Ops.

    New Black Ops 2 trailer has me excited though!

    #2 2 years ago

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