DayZ dev: ‘Concerns over Windows 8 are legitimate’ – PC studios speak out

Tuesday, 7th August 2012 11:24 GMT By Dave Cook

Gabe Newell recently expressed his concern over Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, referring to it as “kind of a catastrophe.” In a recent GI.Biz article, other PC developers have shared similar concern, including DayZ developer Dean “Rocket” Hall.

In the article Hall explained that although more time is needed to properly appraise Windows 8, he admitted, “There is some legitimate concern there, particularly for complex games that the PC market has a real hedge on.”

“PC Games have always been gamers’ games,” Hall continued, “edgy and adapting fast. I do really agree with Gabe Newell’s comment that the one thing holding back Linux is gaming, and how significant gaming actually is to purchasers’ choices.”

Hall added, “There is quite an interesting market transition happening right now, that in a way DayZ got caught up in the middle of. With the consoles hitting the end of their life, it would seem PC gaming appears – in the short term at least – to be pushing forward pretty strongly.”

“Overall,” Hall concluded, “it feels too early to say for most of us I think. It’s definitely a concern, there are some worrying statements that make you wonder whether the intention is to try and emulate what their competitors are doing, or drive their own space through innovation. My preference is always for the latter.”

What’s your view on this ongoing issue? Let us know below. Meanwhile, check out the rest of the GI.Biz article for more PC developer quotes.



  1. TheBlackHole

    Not sure what he was actually saying… What’s the issue with Windows 8? He doesn’t actually explain it.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Demigod

    From what I have seen the concern all the devs have is MS will lock the platform down as they have with windows RT. Basically the devs and modders are worried will say want to release your game on windows give us 30% of a sale. Sorry no mods allowed you have to go through a store. Steam, Origin, gamestop hand over 30%+ on sales to be allowed on the platform.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. fkid

    Maybe I’m being optimistic here, but I have a feeling Microsoft is well aware that having such an open platform is one of the primary reasons they have the vastly heterogeneous and market-leading OS up to this point compared to Apple. The last thing they will do on the PC space is force developers to release through their Windows App Store. Notice that the App Store is primarily a focus for the tablet space and the new touch-oriented UI.

    What’s ridiculous about all these Gabe Newell et al. quotes is that the final version of Win 8 is now available (as of August 1) and I highly doubt Steam and all the other games coming out later this year will have any issues installing or running like they did on Windows 7. If a major developer like Valve is forward thinking and risk averse, they would have already voiced all these concerns to Microsoft, along with other major developers, and received an answer. Maybe the answer was such that it’s worrying for the mid or long-term, therefore these quotes are a direct response to that. However, Gabe is the last person who should be worried about the “openness” of a platform given that Valve is obviously throwing a lot of R&D at their own hardware for the future. Do you really think Linux support is only a response to Windows 8? I highly doubt it. This isn’t a crazy prediction anymore: Next-gen = Steam Console with a Linux shell and maybe in the longer term AAA titles releasing for Windows 9/XBOX 720, PS4, STEAM-BOX, OnLive 2, iOS 7 etc. We shall see, but nothing is certain at this point. Games will sell, install, and run just fine on Windows 8 and most of us ‘real’ PC gamers will probably be running Windows 7 for another 3+ years anyway.

    #3 2 years ago

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