DICE isn’t finished with Battlefield 3 just yet, says the firm

Tuesday, 17th July 2012 15:07 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

DICE wants to reassure fans that just because Battlefield 4 is in the works, it doesn’t mean the studio is finished with Battlefield 3.

In a post on the Battlefield website, DICE said the “Battlefield 3 story is still just the beginning.”

“As ever, we are humbled by the community’s response to the game, and couldn’t be happier with the feedback we have received to Battlefield 3 Premium. With the Back to Karkand and Close Quarters expansion packs already out, Armored Kill around the corner, and End Game and Aftermath still on the horizon, we’re looking forward to many more hours of gameplay with you, and can’t wait to see the stories you will tell through Battlelog and player created videos,” reads the post.

“But we’re not ready to talk about Battlefield 4 yet – in the meantime, we hope you will continue to enjoy Battlefield 3 and all the Battlefield 3 Premium content still to come.”

The firm went on to say it would like fans to try out Danger Close’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which if you pre-order the Limited Edition, you will be guaranteed access to the Battlefield 4 beta which will take place in “fall 2013.”



  1. AHA-Lambda

    yeah we’re not finished with BF3 yet, there’s more DLC to come first.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. LuLshuck

    Remember when they said they wanted bf3 to last more then 3 years, well thats another lie they told

    #2 2 years ago
  3. AHA-Lambda

    bet you that’s when they shut down the servers ;)

    #3 2 years ago
  4. freedoms_stain

    @3, as long as people are willing to rent them EA will continue to rent them, therefore BF3 is not under the same threat of server closures as other EA titles.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Lounds

    BF2 ran for years.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. roadkill

    @5 Battlefield 3 is out now. Are the Battlefield 2 servers still running? :))

    #6 2 years ago
  7. Stardog

    BF3 was one of the worst PC releases in a long time. I barely played it for 2 days.

    Hopefully they’ll fix everything with BF4.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. monkeygourmet

    Give me Bad Company 3…

    I loved BC2, Battlefield 3 just didn’t do it for me…

    #8 2 years ago

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