No online multiplayer in Pikmin 3

Tuesday, 12th June 2012 06:44 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Pikmin 3 will not take advantage of the Wii U’s increased focus on online connectivity – although it will have local co-op play.

Speaking to IGN, Miyamoto said Nintendo learned a lesson while developing recent Mario Kart games, which seems to have made it a little shy of online multiplayer.

“You have to be very careful that you don’t drop frames as you’re trying to sync up with other players over what could be a very great physical distance, over the internet,” he said.

“But in the situation of Pikmin, for example, since you would have lots of individual, small creatures, the Pikmin, whose every movement and location is going to be really important in the game, it would be very difficult to sync up over an internet connection.

“So I think what we’ve decided to do is focus on the single-player and local multiplayer aspects, which are really fun. But unfortunately, no online multiplayer for Pikmin 3. But the co-op local multiplayer is really fun.”

In the same interview, Miyamoto revealed Nintendo had prototyped other Pikmin games before settling on a Wii U sequel.

“We had a bit of a discussion internally about which direction we should go for Pikmin 3. And at the same time we were also trying out different experiments on the DS and the 3DS and the Wii to see which platform the game would work best on,” he said.

“We had decided on Wii when the possibility of putting it on the Wii U became available, as we began to see what that framework was going to look like. At that time we definitely decided, okay, this is going to be much better on Wii U. Nothing huge changed in terms of the fundamental concept.”

The eagerly-awaited Pikmin 3 was revealed during Nintendo’s E3 press conference, and was the highlight of the presentation for many. It’s expected on Wii U during the hardware’s launch period.



  1. poketrainer

    so long as the wii u is $300 like rumored then I’m getting pikmin 3 day one regardless of online or not

    #1 3 years ago
  2. RoyBrown

    I’ll get the Wii U in a few years when it fails and plummets in price.

    Cant wait to see Nintendo go software only.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. dreamcastnews

    @2 you’ve got more chance of having that happen to Sony mate, their debt is taking its toll far more than the R&D losses Nintendo usually make when bringing a new console to the market.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. DonnyKD


    So because a game that doesn’t need online doesn’t have online, you think it fails?

    For freak’s sake the amount of trolls here are hilariously high.

    #4 3 years ago

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