Capcom’s Better Business Bureau rating downgraded by three ranks

Thursday, 12 April 2012 00:41 GMT By Brenna Hillier

More than thirty complaints since the starts of the month has pushed Capcom’s Better Business Bureau rating from A+ to B.

As of early April, Capcom maintained an A+ rating.

Currently, it has 42 closed complaints, 40 of which required intervention from the BBB.

Just four of the complaints date back to before the launch of Street Fighter x Tekken, suggesting a fan-driven campaign in response to on-disc DLC is having a major impact.

Capcom has come under fire for including bonus characters on-disc in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Street Fighter x Tekken; the publisher maintains the inclusion is necessary to counter compatibility issues caused by patching in new content after release. Some gamers have argued that this makes them pay twice for content.

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