CCP shows World of Darkness footage during EVE Fanfest

Saturday, 24th March 2012 17:04 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

During EVE Fanfest, World of Darkness senior producer Chris McDonough showed off footage from the game and discussed some of the mechanics and the world.

Based on the tabletop White Wolf RPG , the game will focus on vampires with mages, werewolves and other additions to the universe being added after launch. The vampire factions in the game can take over various parts of the game world, control mortals and harvest their blood as the game’s main resource.

CCP also has plans in place to allow the community to elect other players as “Prince of the City,” with each real-world location such as New York and London having elected leaders on a single-server system. The Prince of a City will be handed the power to permanently kill players, but other forms of permadeath won’t be as widespread as on the tabletop game, according to GamesRadar.

McDonough said World of Darkness will be based along the lines of EVE, as it will be more of a player-controlled “sandbox” with “essentially no rules” but at the same time it will be accessible and inviting to the non-hardcore. Still, it will be a very bloody game, and violent making it a very mature game.

The firm went on to say that what was shown at Fanfest would be the last the public would hear on the game for a while and the team goes dark in order to work on its development.

Check out the footage taken of the stage presentation below. [image]



  1. Sini

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, if not some cgi bullshit

    #1 3 years ago
  2. TheWulf

    Sigh. This is why it isn’t World of Darkness. It’s oWoD Vampire, which is really the least interesting of the books. It was only (really) good writing that saved Bloodlines.

    Of course, part of the fun of the other books is that they don’t translate well to videogames, which I suppose is a large amount of the draw to them. Still, not making at least a base attempt tells me that this is most likely going to be a very mediocre affair.

    FYI Steph: Not accusing -you- of misreporting. I want to make that clear. I know CCP calls it World of Darkness, which continues to baffle and confound me.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. SplatteredHouse

    @1: It’s not. It’s first footage, really early, and in-game. The ccp man mentioned that as being why there are no figures, or other embellishments. In fact, the person leading the presentation explained beforehand that the art team were hesitant to show their work at this point, but got agreement to put it in to the fanfest with a disclaimer to that effect attached. I think it’s really promising, and hopefully, people will take to it when the time comes.

    @2: But, isn’t the Vampire a sound starting point from attracting people? They probably want that as a core focus to start, to build around, and then when they flesh it out (however way that WoD actually is made up) then with that foundation solid and established, they can focus then on other things.

    They really don’t want to get to a situation where they try to go for too much to begin with, cover too much or whatever, and then end up lacking in quality, in trying to do all that. It would not reflect well on the new game if that happened.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Stephany Nunneley

    @2 We just used to call it Werewolf/Vampire for short. “Hey, you wanna play Werewolf/Vampire this weekend?… You going to the Werewolf/Vampire meet-up in St.Louis this weekend?..”

    #4 3 years ago
  5. TheWulf


    That’s not a logically correct argument though because it assumes continuous expansion. It would make a lot more sense to call this “World of Darkness: Vampire” then, rather than just “World of Darkness.”

    Again though, you’re assuming expansion. But from all the information I’ve read (and it’s quite a bit, since MMOs intrigue me on a number of levels and thus I follow the development of certain key titles) suggests that they’re going to be strongly focusing on just the Vampire element.

    This post also suggests the same thing – that the sole focus is the Vampire element. It’s just intellectually dishonest to use the overarching name of the franchise to advertise one part of it, it’s likely getting people excited over seeing elements like Mage, Changeling, Werewolf, Wraith, and so on.

    I suppose it just irks me to see that. It would have been like calling ‘Star Trek: Deep Space 9′ just ‘Star Trek.’

    #5 3 years ago
  6. TheWulf


    p much

    That’s why I’m confused at the detachment from the source book they’re focusing on. It’s like they’re terrified to say ‘Vampire’ (perhaps because of Twilight connotations?).

    #6 3 years ago
  7. SplatteredHouse

    @5: Expansion is part of the behaviour of an mmo. It mentions in the article here that that is their intent, so it’s not assumption on my part, just simply pointing out the information presented.
    In calling it WoD: Vampire, well, isn’t the game world going to show evidence of these other factions? I thought WoD was about very much of a living, breathing kind of world, so I can only guess that these other factions wouldn’t appear in a heartbeat, but be introduced over time.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. Ventrue24

    @2: Calling it World of darkness leaves room for expansion, rather than just limiting the game, and thereby, the followers/players. The World of Darkness ‘phrase did not come into being right away, but it started with Rein-Hagens ‘Vampire:The masquerade’ back in 1991, shortly followed by ‘Werewolf:The Apocalypse’ in 92. Thus allowing for a stable setting to be established and then…. expanded upon. Others soon followed, mage, wraith, changeling and the like, but for rein-hagen to have introduced all of them, in their entire complexity at once in one mammoth volume, would have been staggeringly mountainous for any gm (or player for that matter) to get through. Never the less, eventually, each of the titles that followed came to encompass the WoD that we know today. This release is not only creating the world that a lot of tabletop players have been waiting for, it is adhering to the methods and chronology that proved to make WoD the success that it still is today, after all of it’s revisions. The point is that it started somewhere, and developed. To launch a title that may eventually encompass much of the WoD ethos and then limit it’s follower base by insisting that the title be specific to it’s current content would be naive. I’m sure that if the knowledge had been available that the original game would be so successful and incur so many expansions, that a forward thinking Rein-Hagen/White Wolf would have labelled the ‘World Of Darkness’ from the beginning, especially if they (and the eagerly anticipating players) knew what possibilities were coming. CCP however, have the benefit of already knowing exactly that. The universe is already established, but to rush all of it at once would not do justice to a game that many have high hopes for.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. DerWish

    First of all… the full presentation:

    Couple of key notes:
    - it’s based on VtM
    - single shard world
    - all clans, fight between Sabbat and Camarilla is done on neutral grounds like no-man’s-land, like 0.0 in EVE, where the most valuable resources can be found.
    - multiple big cities, but not the whole world
    - there is incentive to populate less populated areas (cities) for resources (Blood)
    - voting system for cities’ hierarchy or fight for the top-dog.
    - permanent character death is IN, they mentioned Blood Hunt as cause, otherwise death is a setback and character lose valuable assets for ‘dying’ in PVP.
    - no crafting or industry
    - they are calling it WoD to leave it open for further WoD universe games…
    - NOT World of Twilight (LoL)

    #9 3 years ago

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