Bloomberg: Activision shares drop on loss of WoW subs

Thursday, 10th November 2011 14:55 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Activision Blizzard shares fell at the close of the bell yesterday 6.5% to $13.02, the biggest drop since February 10, according to Bloomberg, which attributed the drop to the loss of 800,000 World of Warcraft players. Subscriptions to the game now stand at 10.3 million for the start of the firms Q3 financial period. At the start of Q2, the MMO boasted 11.1 million subs.

As of this post, stock prices for the firm are up 15¢ to $13.17 or 1.15%, proving just much the market can fluctuate. Thanks, Develop.



  1. DarkElfa

    All your base are belong to SWTOR.

    …and also old memes.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. GrimRita

    @1 I doubt if SWTWoW will hit 2 million subs. It might peak 6 months in, but it certainly wont surpass it.

    Blizzard simply can not justify paying over £9 for a VERY old and stale MMO. Even with some content updates, its just rehashed/coloured dungeons and the player base are probably becoming bored of it.

    They cant even attract new players because something like 10-15% of those who do the free trial pay for a sub. Not a great return.

    I firmly believe that Bioware/EA will struggle to keep their clone on a monthly sub simply due to the economic climate(and lack of innovation), which appears to be getting worse.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. DarkElfa

    @2 I’m afraid your predictions are as hazy and unfounded as my own.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. GrimRita

    Its true. I asked Derek Acorah

    #4 3 years ago
  5. DarkElfa

    How is Derek these days, does he still have that coffee mug that says “World’s greatest ****”?

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Joe_Gamer

    WoW is indeed old and stale, SWOTOR, the new shiny is definitely (IMO) going to take a big ass bite out of their subs, I can’t speak for the end game but I spent the first five hours of my hypothetical beta testing absently hitting F5 every 10-15 minutes trying to quicksave. That’s about the best praise I could ever lay on an MMO. My guild/group all gave up WoW 6 months ago and have instead been playing various F2P MMO’s (DCUO right now). Just killing time until SWOTOR finally comes out. Between SWOTOR, Guild Wars 2, and all the F2P successes I foresee dark times ahead for WoW, and by dark times I mean merely “incredibly profitable”, down from the previous “wildly, unbelievably, spectacularly, profitable”.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. LOLshock94

    @4 did derek ask his imaginary friend sam?

    #7 3 years ago
  8. fearmonkey

    I have a bet with a friend for a new game regarding SWTOR. He bet me that Star trek online one year after launch would have more subscribers than SWTOR one year after launch, whoever wins gets a free PC or console game of choice.
    We shall see how this one ends up, SWTOR could end up like Conan, tons of subs, and then nothing.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. DSB

    WoW was never going to last forever, and SWTOR is new, but does it really have the same sort of legs?

    Usually what people seem to forget with longstanding franchises is that they became longstanding franchises because they blew everyone away to begin with.

    Personally I’m always interested in a new MMO, but I just haven’t seen anything from SWTOR that blows me away when I hold it up to WoW. When WoW came along I could look at the other MMOs I had played, and say “Holy shit, this is something else”.

    I think its going to be interesting to see. Certainly, if someone else takes it upon themselves to redefine the MMO yet again, then I think SWTOR would have a problem.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. Phoenixblight

    “Usually what people seem to forget with longstanding franchises is that they became longstanding franchises because they blew everyone away to begin with.”

    I am just going to assume and say you never played it within the first 6 months of release. Which when it did just release it was a just huge giant mess that was very much inspired by Everquest and that’s what people seem to forget, nothing of WOW screamed awesome or blew anyone away other than the fact it allowed you to play within the Warcraft universe.

    SWTOR has the same thing as WOW it is based on an already established universe and which has a much stronger fanbase than Warcraft could ever dream of. Now its all based on what Bioware can do with it and with my experience of playing a beta weekend. I honestly can’t wait to continue playing this game.

    #10 3 years ago
  11. DSB

    @10 I don’t agree with that. I hadn’t played Everquest, but based on the players I talked to, and based on everything they told me, of free-for-all bosses and the dedication required by any succesful guild etc., it simply was never a game that was going to be played by everyone. They were waking eachother up in the middle of the night just to get a stab at content.

    WoW was the antithesis of that, and I did play it in those months, and the beta before that. And my shaman was world destroying, and I made no apologies for it. I don’t think the game truly blossomed until the first expansion, but based on where the competition was at, at the time, it was still a very easy choice to make for most people.

    People always want to change the history of where things started out based on where they’ve gone, but it’s quite obvious why WoW succeeded over the competition in those days.

    #11 3 years ago
  12. blackdreamhunk

    more proof it’s pc gaming that is keep Activision shares so high and not consoles!

    #12 3 years ago
  13. Phoenixblight


    Read the article. Blizzard is hemorrhaging subscriptions they are losing money. That’s why they had created an annual pass to lock in that money with no way for the person who signed that contract to get out of. It will be interesting to see next quarter if this tactic actually worked. I know it worked with me, the wife wanted to play WOW and I wanted Diablo 3.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. OlderGamer

    What DSB said.

    I played EQ when it was new. It was hard. Very hard. WoW dumbied everything down and made it casual. Anyone with a pulse can play wow. It opens it up to a much larger demographic.

    Also, imo, anyways Star Wars MMO? Really? No. It won’t have the legs to last half as long as wow. SciFi MMO RPG just don’t have the same universial appeal that a fantasy one does. I know that sounds like me stating my own peference, but I think it is more like me saying I think other people feel that way. This isn’t the 1980s anymore. SW isn’t that big anymore. Even fans will tell you the first three movies where better movies. The second three were big, but they weren’t Harry Potter bug. The first three movies, were.

    Alot of internet nerds on PC love their SW. Great. That diesn’t exactly mean the same 15-25 yr old demographic that sustained wow through the past few expansions will be willing to be Jedi and done lightsabers.

    If your a hardcore SW nut then your pumped for the MMO SW game. If your not, you will have at most a passing interst that will die as soon as someone tries to explain force skill trees to you. Its the same reason Star Trek Online failed to reach crit mass. Its nervana for the Sheldons and Lenerods of the world, but no one else cares.

    Wow will die, its aging. But mostly what will kill wow is over exposure to wow. MMos can only hold peoples attention for so long. I know I am going to be two expansions behind when the Panda one hits, and I couldn’t care less. I played Rift for awhile, it blows wow away btw. But I grew tired of that fast. I, like a lot of people, am just tired of MMOs. They get old.

    Factor in an influx of f2p mmos, and people just aren’t interested in sub based stuff like wow, or SW.

    Personaly I am looking for to Diablo III, Tourchlight 2, and Guild Wars 2. But thats just me.

    One last thing to think about is that when Wow launched, consoles didn’t play online the same way they do today. Today the prime demgraphic for something like wow(or sw) can easily buy a PS3 or 360, a copy of CoD or BF and play with their friends. Its just too easy too acsesible and too much fun (for most folks) to even care about something as time intensive as a MMO.

    #14 3 years ago

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