Blizzard seemingly brings in WoW money-trading scheme

Tuesday, 11th October 2011 18:02 GMT By Andrew Groen

A new pet introduced to the WoW store can be purchased with cash then traded on the auction house for in-game currency.

Blizzard has struggled for years to curb the effects of gold farmers on its in-game economies, and this new measure may represent a new attempt to cut down on illegal gold purchasers.

The new pet, a cosmetic pet called the Guardian Cub can be purchased for $10, and since the items doesn’t bind to your account like most pets, it can then be sold on the auction house in your realm.

As of now, it doesn’t seem like a mistake either. Blizzard seems to be alright with this new measure. Right now it seems like a way to cut down on gold farming as well as help players without extra cash get some cool pets.

This is what Blizzard had to say about the situation, “since the introduction of the Pet Store, many players have been asking for ways to get the companions we offer there without having to spend real-world cash. By making the Guardian Cub tradable (much like the BoE mounts from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game), players interested in the new pet will have fun, alternative in-game ways to get one. In addition to trading the pet, players can give the Guardian Cub as a gift to another character for a special occasion; guild leaders can use them to reward members for a job well done; and so on. We also hope this change will help reduce the number of incidents of scamming via trading for invalid pet codes.”

Hopefully the going rate for these pets wont get too high, as that could represent a tilt towards a pay-to-win strategy.

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  1. Erthazus

    It’s a mistake. It’s a signal that Blizzard starting to doing this more and more.

    I remember 2-3 years ago when Blizzard as confident in themselves. Said that they will never sell this stuff.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Anjiro

    Might want to add a title to your post.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Phoenixblight

    THats one way to compete with gold sellers though I am not sure why you would need them anyways with how quikly you can make gold if you can craft.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Talkar

    How does buying a cosmetic item “tilt towards a pay-to-win strategy.”?
    It doesn’t improve your stats, or your xp level.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Andrew Groen

    The pet doesn’t add stats, but the person who BOUGHT the pet with real money can trade it for gold which can be used to buy advanced weapons, armor, crafting materials, and potions.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. GrimRita

    @ Phoenix
    Gold farming is aimed at those who are ‘cash rich but time poor’ So if player A only spends say 10 hours a week playing against player B who spends 40 hours playing, he will eventually get all the best gear.

    So by purchasing gold/levelling up, player A has a way of catching player B up.

    There are so many lazy players in WoW and I made a fortune selling those Christmas cookies. I spent the best part of two months grinding to get the eggs required and then over night when Santa arrived, I sold out – charging 400 gold a pop!

    But you are right. You can scratch your arse in WoW and get gold together with some XP ;)

    #6 3 years ago
  7. OlderGamer

    Make everything in the game account bound, period.

    Enable a coin lock feature that reads the IP addy, if it different then the one you normaly use(outside of normal domain) the account becomes instanly coinlocked. Mean nothing can be sold, bought, traded, droped or destroyed. Guilds can’t droped, basicly nothing can be changed. To unlock, click unlock recieve a email with a generated code, plug code into account in game, and bang your off and running. It works, Rift uses such a system. Its brilliant.

    Blizz needs to understand that they have to fight both the buyers and sellers of in game gold. A few game changing modifications in design will fight both. I know people love the idea of ingame econemies. But if in game gold can be traded, there will be traders. Unless blizz wants to becomes their own gold farmers, and it seems like they are willing(how long before blizz staff create accounts to buy said pets from players?).

    I don’t know doing what they are starting to do now seems more destrictive to the game then making stuff BOA.

    But their game is so heavily focused on end game gear grinding(and of course tradskilling it with enchants etc), that the game is begging for scamers.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. DarkElfa

    Eve has the best trading scheme of this sort. They allow people to buy game time cards and then convert them to 30 day pilot licenses and sell them on the market for cash.

    It allows people to play the game for free using in game cash and allows people with money to burn to basically buy currency.

    In EVE of course, having money doesn’t help a whole lot other than to buy ships and equipment, 2 things easily lost if you’re a fool and the only benefit it offers to the buyer is the ability to stay in the game. It keeps the servers full with players mining for ore to make cash and helps to keep illegal sales down.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. Vaansinn

    @Older Gamer: You don’t seem to understand how hackers work. Unfortunately, in most cases they have access to the email as well and that means that coinlock doesn’t help at all. Blizzard has “ secure lock” (which I don’t like) everytime you try to login from a different IP but that’s the same really as coinlock. You have to access the email account in order to unlock your account. Since they can surpass that, coinlock wouldn’t change a thing.

    “Blizz needs to understand that they have to fight both the buyers and sellers of in game gold.” I think Blizz understands that but you can’t fight off buyers. How do you want check if I just borrowed 10k gold from my friend and we agreed in skype that I’ll pay him back in week but I need the money now? OR I bought the money and he was just handing over the 10K gold for real money?

    #9 3 years ago

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