Media Molecule “stepping away” from LittleBigPlanet

Friday, 1st July 2011 11:45 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Media Molecule studio boss Siobhan Reddy has apparently said in Barcelona during GameLab that the studio will take a step back from LittleBigPlanet to focus on new things.

“We’re stepping away from Little Big Planet to focus on some new ideas,” she said, quoted via a tweet from Edge.

The studio’s released two LBP games on PS3, the latest being LBP2 earlier this year, with two handheld titles from outside devs: Studio Cambridge made the PSP version and Double11 are currently developing the incoming Vita version.

Thanks, LittleBigLand and Bluebird.



  1. PapaJustify

    They will eventually return to it. But for this generation we got enough Little Big Planet! I can’t wait what Media Molecule has in store next!

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Yoshi

    Would be awesome if they went in the completely different direction to what Little Big Planet is :)

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Christopher Jack

    Good, they set an incredibly solid foundation for others to build upon & now they’re spreading their wings. Can’t wait to see what they bring out next.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. YoungZer0

    @2: Probably a new Horrorshooter.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. KAP

    Bout’ fucking time, these are VERY talented developers. Time to stop playing with your sacks…. boys.


    Look, if i wasnt gonna say it someone would have ok


    #5 4 years ago
  6. Coheno

    Whatever it’s gonna be, it’ll be creative and fresh!

    #6 4 years ago
  7. Erthazus

    I think they are stepping away from LittleBigPlanet because they underperformed with LittlebigPlanet 2.

    They sold only 1 million units of this and it’s their fault. They didn’t released this game on christmas. they released it in January and it crashed Sony and MM with this.

    I’m very sad. I love this franchise so much. Second is better then the first in every major way.

    I wanted LittlebigPlanet 3 to focus on 3D platforming in such as Super Mario Galaxy way, but if they are stepping away…. fuck you Sony. Do something with your CRAPPY marketing.

    Well, something new and fresh is always good… But i will miss this editor.

    #7 4 years ago
  8. OlderGamer

    LBP is a game that only needs to come out once a generation. Not every game needs to be a franchise with a regular release scheduel. So many games get ruined this way. Make an IP and ride it into the ground for all it was worth. And LBP isn’t as bad as say a CoD or EA sports game, but still how many versions do people need?

    I loved the first one, but had no need for a second one. I bet alot of people felt this way. Don’t forget folks, times are tough for a lot of people, rebuying what looks like essentialy an imporved version of something people already have is a tough sale.

    LBP2 didn’t show me anything so new and different over the first game that I felt I needed to buy it.

    #8 4 years ago
  9. Erthazus

    @8, “LBP is a game that only needs to come out once a generation.”

    I think you are right. But still, i wanted a third dimensional platformer. Now that could be a blast.

    something completely unique.

    #9 4 years ago
  10. YoungZer0

    @8: QFT, although i have the second one. Bought it for my girlfriend hoping it would be more playable than the first one. It is, but, oh well, i’m not really a fan of Jump & Run Games any more.

    I don’t really see a reason to buy it. I think creatively they have reached their limit. Fact is they don’t need to do anything, the people are using the editor like crazy.

    #10 4 years ago
  11. DrDamn

    I think LBP2 was worth it. Level wise I really enjoyed the majority of LBP but the variety, ideas and mechanics in LBP2 were a nice step up I thought.

    Having said that it’s good to hear they are moving on to something different. It’s good to see talented developers with interesting ideas try something new.

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Bluebird

    By the way, Spaff, one of the community managers of MM left a comment on the original story:

    “Hi guys!

    I just wanted to write a comment on this before anyone panics :)

    Yes – we at Mm are currently in the process of thinking of new ideas and new crazy things we want to make for you to play, in order to do that, we need to take a step back from LittleBigPlanet. But we are not vanishing from your lives and nor is LBP – I’ll get some more detail on that for you shortly, but for now DON’T PANIC! :)”

    Doesn’t exactly sound like they are abandoning LBP for good. :)

    #12 4 years ago
  13. sg1974

    LBP1 was a one in a generation changer, absolutely brilliant. LBP2 was poor, it wasn’t that it didn’t improve on the original it was that it was less good. And to laucnh in January was absurd.

    The creation apsects are hugely popular, they should have found a way to profit from it.

    Hopefully LBP3 will be 3d platformer.

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Anders

    Probably for the better. Will be interesting to see what they do next.

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Bluebird

    @13: For anyone interested in creating, LBP2 was and is miles better than LBP1.

    #15 4 years ago
  16. Phoenixblight


    LBP was never about the platform aspects if you thought that you were completely missing the point of the game. Molecule is all about user created content and they stated thats what their goal was to have a game that can allow the player to create whatever they wanted.

    #16 4 years ago
  17. sg1974

    @16 You miss the point that if MM made a 3d platformer, they’d be able to give you the tools to make 3d games. LBP2 got halfway there but not enough

    They clearly put effort into the game on the disk, are you saying gamers should have no opnion about what that game is and how its done?

    @15 That’s true, but the tools alone don’t sell a game. LBP2 did bad numbers if compared to LBP1, which proves the point

    #17 4 years ago
  18. Phoenixblight


    Have you ever played with a 3d Engine and created your own game or mod with it? Its not easy. It takes a lot of time and practice to get it right. And you can’t do it with a controller, It needs a mouse and kb. MM made it accessible with 2d and gave it depth without making it overly complicated to learn. Infamous 2 tried to do it with 3d but its way too simplified and very shallow compared to LBP and 2d.

    #18 4 years ago


    Never liked this “game”. What a complete waste. This was supposed to be a killer app and the next big thing, but I’d be surprised if it ever even got close to breaking even.

    Just goes to show that artsy-fartsy awards and praise means nothing when it comes to what gamers really want.

    #19 4 years ago
  20. Gekidami

    ^ You’ve never played this “game” so STFU.

    #20 4 years ago
  21. Ge0force

    I really luv LBP. The level design is awesome and building your own levels works great. LBP2 doesn’t seem that different from LBP until you try the new level creator. You can create almost any kind of game, without writing a single line of code. LBP2 is no less than a revolution in console gaming!

    #21 4 years ago

    I can say what I like.

    The “game” is a FAILURE. The IP will very likely get canned. Sony wasted money on it…

    Simple as.

    #22 4 years ago
  23. Phoenixblight


    Whats funny is when someone and goes and bitches about your precious (COD) You whine about them coming to the article and doing it but you do the exact same thing. Hypocrite much?

    #23 4 years ago

    When do I whine?

    Give me a quote please, or apologise.

    I’m waiting…

    #24 4 years ago
  25. Phoenixblight

    Wait all you want my point still stands someone comes on a Call of duty article and someone will bash it and you defend it like the holy grail and then you go do essentially the same thing as these people. Troll is a troll is a troll.

    whine (hwn, wn)
    v. whined, whin·ing, whines
    1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
    2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.

    And you want evidence of whining look at your first post in this article. That is considered whining. Especially since the game didn’t fail it made so much that they were able to jump right in to making a sequel because Sony wanted to jump on that money pot.

    #25 4 years ago

    Couldn’t find one, eh?

    Regardless, you have no point. You said: “when someone and goes and bitches about your precious (COD) You whine about them coming to the article”.

    This is a complete lie.

    I do one of two things:

    1. If people diss CoD with retarded statements like ‘COD iZ teh GEY! AlL Cod GAYMErs are RaicialisTT! Tehy goTZ no skiLl and I am tuu guD for thAT po0!’ I just ignore them.

    2. If they come out with what sounds like a genuine opinion, I am perfectly free, and have every right to debate them on that opinion without calling people names (“troll”, “hypocrite”, etc) or going off topic.

    These comments sections are for discussions you know…

    #26 4 years ago

    whine (hwn, wn)
    v. whined, whin·ing, whines
    1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
    2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.

    And you want evidence of whining look at your first post in this article. That is considered whining.

    What does my first comment in this article have to do with complaining (“whinging“) about people “bitching” about CoD??

    You feeling ok?

    #27 4 years ago
  28. Gekidami

    I can taste the tears of rage.

    #28 4 years ago
  29. Phoenixblight

    Gawd you have to be a moron you came to a LBP article and the first thing you did in a childish way is say LittleBigFail. That sir is considered whining by that definition. It was just as bad as LOKI coming to a PC related article and saying Fail PC ports suck.

    #29 4 years ago


    A perfectly reasoned set of arguments that were made with a level head and backed up with supporting facts.

    No whining there.

    Read all the comments down to the bottom and the logical debate that I had with GwynbleiddiuM that didn’t involve such childish comments as “STFU”

    #30 4 years ago



    YOU SAID: “when someone and goes and bitches about your precious (COD) You whine about them coming to the article

    Your claim was that I was a “hypocrite” because I couldn’t handle “my precious (COD)” being “bitched about”, but I was the one doing the “bitching” now.


    Accept the facts.

    And ‘LittleBigFail’ is tounge in cheek mockery.

    Not whinging.

    I have no need to use such terms to mock the game when I can point out with facts that it’s blatantly flopped.

    And your abusive language is proof of that fact that you have no argument against what I’m saying.

    Evidently, you’re the one who can’t handle a simple poke in the ribs of a game that you may or may not (but probably do) like.

    Which ironically makes YOU the hypocrite.

    #31 4 years ago
  32. Gekidami

    ^ Show us these ‘facts’ then. Do you have the games latest sales figures?

    #32 4 years ago
  33. Phoenixblight

    ” I have no need to use such terms to mock the game when I can point out with facts that it’s blatantly flopped.”

    Oh really?

    “In the UKIE All-Format Chart for Week 3 of 2011, Sackboy reigns supreme, displacing Call of Duty Black Ops from the top spot and sitting pretty as the top selling game across all formats (erm… not counting download sales but those charts are never included)”

    Total and utter failure that it knocked off COD.

    #33 4 years ago
  34. YoungZer0

    @28: Lol he actually wrote all that. Damn, that’s quite embarrassing Fanboytalk.

    #34 4 years ago

    I don’t need the latest sales figures to know that MM are “stepping away” from LBP to “focus on some new ideas.”

    You don’t “step away” from a profitable franchise in the games industry. It just doesn’t happen. Never has.

    That’s a fact. Or are you going to tell me that they’re lying?

    #35 4 years ago
  36. Gekidami

    ^ lol Thats not a fact but an assumption. Sorry but you just failed so hard.

    I know, fanboy rage at its best.

    #36 4 years ago
  37. MadFingerz

    Don’t feed the troll!

    #37 4 years ago
  38. Phoenixblight


    Do I have to mention Bungie and key members of Infinity Ward leaving or is that irrelevant?

    #38 4 years ago
  39. YoungZer0

    @38: You shut your goddamn mouth with your sense-talking!

    #39 4 years ago
  40. OlderGamer

    I wish more dev/pubs would walk away from hot IPs to go focus on something else. We would be less over run with franchise fatigue, clones and Me Too games.

    I’d love to read the words:

    Brought to by the same studio that made the smash hit “Blah Blah”.

    Would be better then reading/playing Blah Blah 9. Or BB: The new Attack. BB: The New Invaders. BB: The New Recruits. BB: The Next Triligy.

    Kind of a joke really. And kind of sad.

    Our industry/hobby is in desperite need of new triple A IPs. Fresh games. But I don’t see any change coming when Blah Blah: Modern Company is still racking in the preorders.

    So Kudos to MM for not beating a good IP into the ground, save LBP 3D for the next Sony Console.

    #40 4 years ago


    Wow, you’re getting desperate now.

    Are you SERIOUSLY trying to imply that LBP2, which sold LESS copies in the uk than LBP during it’s first week on sale, was more successful than a game which had been on sale for TEN weeks prior to it, because it knocked it off the top of the UK charts for two weeks??

    How old are you!?

    Am I dealing with a little kid here, because if I am, I’m just going to stop wasting my time trying to talk sense.


    Sorry, but it’s a fact that no successful franchise has ever been “stepped away from” (canned) like that.

    Fact.  No SUCCESSFUL gaming franchise.  Ever.

    There’s no assumption in that.

    Just look at how long they were developing DNF for…

    On top of that, it’s obvious what Sony wanted LBP to be:

    It’s going to be the most important game ever!


    LittleBigPlanet is a landmark!


    We want LittleBigPlanet to lead the charge into a new genre of gaming!


    genre-defining title!


    If you still think that LBP wasn’t a failure, you must be on crack.

    You lot are pure comedy!  LOL!

    #41 4 years ago
  42. Gekidami

    ^ Still not seeing these ‘facts’. Still seeing loads of fail and whiny rage. But go ahead, keep making a fool of yourself.

    #42 4 years ago
  43. Monk


    I just want one thing, what the meaning of Failure in your Dictionary ??
    To [ NOT ] have the same sales as COD, or it dosen`t have a good reviews ??

    #43 4 years ago
  44. KL

    Little big Troll.
    What do gamers want?Does this mean whatever the masses want is always the right thing especially in terms of quality?
    too many examples in gaming and in general that prove otherwise
    so back to your prehistoric cave now plug your X B O X 3 6 0 throw the COD disc in and have fun

    #44 4 years ago
  45. Phoenixblight


    Really thats your “facts” some opinion pieces and Sony PR? Not sure what your point is that you are a troll because thats what you are clearly establishing.

    #45 4 years ago


    You need to learn English if you don’t know the meaning of the word fact.


    It’s a failure if it doesn’t achieve what the dev set out to achieve.  In this case, a title that Sony had claimed would “lead the charge into a new genre of gaming” has now basically been canned.

    Sony compared it with GT5:P, and that was significant, because the GT series has been going strong over 3 Playstation generations.

    LBP is struggling to make it to the end of 1.

    The original LBP even was being sold for £11 a few months after release!

    It doesn’t have to be a record breaker to not be a failure, but this so-called “genre-defining” game has been outlived by IP’s like Raving Rabbids and Cooking Mama.

    There’s not even a whiff of success anywhere in there whatsoever.


    Something hyped up as a revolution in video gaming has a lot to live up to.  The reality is that the game failed.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing for gaming is another subject entirely.


    Changed tactics now that your original LIE was exposed, eh?

    Good job, kid.

    #46 4 years ago
  47. Gekidami

    something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.
    something known to exist or to have happened: Space travel is now a fact.
    a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true: Scientists gather facts about plant growth.”

    Your definition of “fact” doesnt match any of these, you neither know or can prove what your saying.

    now stop failing.

    #47 4 years ago
  48. Erthazus

    @G1GA, “The word fact can refer to verified information about past or present circumstances or events which are presented as objective reality.”

    your information is not a fact. Your information is your own preferences and thoughts. Thats basically RAGE.

    #48 4 years ago


    Sorry, but it’s a fact that no successful franchise has ever been “stepped away from” (canned) like that.

    This is a FACT.

    There’s no opinion in there.

    You seem to be stuggling with the ability to read as well, because this type of fact can clearly be categorised by both definitions 2 AND 3 of the copy and paste dictionary entry that you yourself provided.

    It’s both “something that happened” and “a truth known by observation”.

    No profit making franchise in the history of gaming has ever been left by it’s original dev during it’s ‘prime’.

    If you can disprove that FACT, then you will have contributed meaningfully to these comments.

    But you can’t do that.

    Because it’s a fact.

    #49 4 years ago
  50. Bluebird

    Stepping away from something for a period does not mean that it is giving up completely.
    In fact here is what MM just tweeted:

    Loyal sackfolk – please be reassured that we will always be involved with LBP, at least a bit, and there’s lots more fun yet to come! <3!/mediamolecule/status/86911277464694785

    #50 4 years ago
  51. Phoenixblight

    “No profit making franchise in the history of gaming has ever been left by it’s original dev during it’s ‘prime’.”

    Infinity Ward, Bungie…. You just keep ignoring these companies. They left in their ‘prime’

    #51 4 years ago
  52. sg1974

    For fusks sakes dont feed the GIGATROLL

    #52 4 years ago

    You might not be aware of this, but IW (minus about 40 original staff) is still making CoD MW3.

    Halo is also still going going strong after a change of dev studios. The IP has not been “left” (and there’s DEFINITELY no comparison with LBP here, which has gone to nobody else, except for the Vita version, which looks like being a port of LBP2 with some touch controls added on), rather it’s been shifted to another studio with many of the same staff that worked on previous versions.

    We’re not talking about scaling down to stop the losses here. We’re talking about a shift in studios (still officially ‘Microsoft Game Studios’) for reasons best know to both MS and Bungie themselves. Halo 4 is in development, but there will almost certainly never be an LBP3.

    So the fact still remains. Loud and clear.

    #53 4 years ago
  54. sg1974

    Hes right everyone else is wrong save us the troubel and lock the thread

    #54 4 years ago
  55. Erthazus

    The difference with Halo, that Microsoft wants to milk it.

    Same goes to Activision.

    Thats called milking. Original developers of Halo are no longer envolved with it, same goes with Call Of duty which is developed by new studio and some new folks at IW.

    If someone is stepping away that does not mean that they are giving up on the franchise. They are moving forward creating new stuff.

    Like for example with Uncharted series. They are high on metacritic and have good sales, but Naughty Dog after 3-4 part of the game won’t continue developing new game in that franchise.
    Every new playstation console have a new franchise from them.

    For MM is very important to do something new, because their first priority is not to sell software, but so sell Console (!) and thats where they are doing a fantastic job. Period.

    #55 4 years ago
  56. KL

    @55 Exactly nowhere is implied that they’re giving up on it.
    they’re just moving forward to something different.
    If only other studios followed this example rather than milk a franchise to death…
    There will be a LBP3,who knows maybe MM can’t offer anything more than LBP2 right now because of current gen specs or running out of inspirational ideas but someday they will

    #56 4 years ago
  57. DSB

    Standard operating procedure.

    You don’t kill Need for Speed just because the original developer leaves, you don’t kill FIFA just because the original developer leaves,
    you don’t kill Medal of Honor just because the original developer leaves,
    you don’t kill Madden just because the original developer leaves,
    you don’t kill Rainbow Six just because the original developer leaves,
    you don’t kill Deus Ex just because the original developer leaves,

    A franchise is a franchise. It’s there to be sold as much as it’s there to be enjoyed, even if the notion of business is inconvenient to some. The Coca Cola company doesn’t fold just because the founder dies. Manchester United doesn’t shut down just because a player gets traded or the owners change. You pick it up, and you carry it on.

    It’s fair enough to hold an obvious bias against a developer or a publisher, but once you start kidding yourself that you’re actually objective, while ignoring everybody else in the process of doing the exact same thing, that’s what we call bullshit.

    #57 4 years ago
  58. DaMan

    Straight from the dev themselves. As long as Uc sells it’s going to be ‘milked’ as well.

    Also neither Halo, Mario, GT, or any of the other franchises are being actually milked. It’s called making games for the fanbase. You can fool yourself for as long as you like, as long as people find the game fun it’s going to be made, and that’s absolutely sensible. There’s zero point in making changes for the sake of it. The moment Mario starts playing drastically different anyone who enjoys the game will question whether they should keep on spending money and time on it.

    #58 4 years ago


    As long as people are buying the games and there’s money to be made, devs are going to continue making those sequels.

    Titles like Heavenly Sword, Lair, The Getaway, This Is Football and now LBP get left behined while titles like Gran Turismo, Uncharted, Rachet and Clank and inFamous get made until there’s no more interest.

    This is the brutal reality of the games business that the romantics try and deny.

    #59 4 years ago
  60. DaMan

    I don’t know about the LBP, in the end it’s Sony owned, isn’t it. But what I can safely say is that there’re various titles. Say, making several sequels (if any) to Bayonetta would probably kill the game cause of the gameplay nature and in general the title being fine as it is, it would be better to make a whole new one instead. While an fps like Halo only keeps getting new features ie extended Forge, Theater and so on. Some games won’t become any better because of the new maps and modes.

    in the end though, it’s indeed down to customers having fun.

    #60 4 years ago
  61. Gekidami

    And Sony are continuing LBP. Not sure if you’ve heard, but theres a Vita version in the making from another studio. But i guess thats not canon to reality, because “SONY HAZ OMG CANNED IT!!! HERP DERP!”

    #61 4 years ago

    Calling LBP Vita a continuation of LBP is like calling Ocarina of Time 3D a Continuation of the Zelda series.

    It’s not a new game. It’s LBP with some new levels (that can be done in a few hours) and touch screen controls. There’s a very low dev cost involved there, so the risks are minimised.

    Regardless. Unless it can halt the downward trend in sales that LBP is apparently already on, there’s no way that Media Molecule or anyone else will be wasting dev time on a proper sequel.

    #62 4 years ago
  63. Hunam

    Downward spiral? LBP has never really had that good sales in the first place.

    #63 4 years ago
  64. Bluebird

    And despite that the first one sold almost 5 million copies by mid 2010. Slow, but steady.

    #64 4 years ago
  65. Gekidami

    The Vita game isnt a port, its a new game. Yet more fail from you, arent you tired of making as ass of yourself yet?

    #65 4 years ago

    Who said it was a port?

    Did I say it was a port?

    No. You’re just making stuff up now.

    Try harder.

    #66 4 years ago
  67. Gekidami

    You compared it to Ocarina of Time 3D and said “Its not a new game”. I dont need to try hard to show how stupid you’re being right now.

    #67 4 years ago
  68. Hunam

    G1GA, you said it’s not a new game after comparing it to a port. You’ve not a leg to stand on here.

    #68 4 years ago

    I compared it to a port.

    I never said it WAS a port.

    The comparison is clear, because it’s a title which has been released to showcase the USP (touch screen/pad) of a new handheld console that takes relatively little dev resources and therefore poses a relatively small financial risk.

    It is by no means a “continuation” of the series in any way, shape or form. It’s a hardware showcase title.

    I clearly explained that it was NOT a port when I said “It’s LBP with some new levels (that can be done in a few hours) and touch screen controls.

    A port, by definition is not what I described above.

    We simply have a case of individuals being childish in order to continue their immature game of futile one-upmanship.

    #69 4 years ago
  70. Hunam

    If we all agree with you, will you shut up?

    #70 4 years ago

    No one’s forcing you to read anything, Hunam.

    #71 4 years ago
  72. Giskard

    Using Gigatrolls arguments:

    He’s not a new troll. It’s an old troll with some new tricks added (that can be done in a few hours) and touch screen controls. There’s a very low dev cost involved there, so the risks are minimised.

    #72 4 years ago
  73. Erthazus

    “The comparison is clear, because it’s a title which has been released to showcase the USP (touch screen/pad) of a new handheld console that takes relatively little dev resources and therefore poses a relatively small financial risk.”

    you clearly know the cost of it right? Oh dear. *Facepalm*

    you fail at logic so much that it’s beyond the highest level of “Epic Failure”. It’s the same thing when one person said that “Halo saved FPS genre”. These guys are not supposed to be reproducted in the Troll facility.

    #73 4 years ago

    If using a finished game engine to make some simplistic new levels/mini games and add touch screen controls to a handheld game has a higher dev cost than designing a completely new version of a full PS3 game, with a full dev team, then something’s gone terribly wrong and some senior people need to reconsider their position.

    #74 4 years ago
  75. OrbitMonkey

    It’s nice to see a disagreement of opinion between Internet strangers over the merits of LBP, can cause such passionate verbal masturbation.



    It’s the weekend kids, go out & enjoy yourselves ffs :D

    #75 4 years ago
  76. Bloodyghost

    Yes. Finally. I was hoping they would stop at 1. I love LBP and all but time for something new. Hopefully they can have the same charm.

    #76 4 years ago
  77. sg1974

    @70 its not enough to agree with the Gigatroll, you must feed himn, you must bow befroe him because he is better than you, better than all of uis

    #77 4 years ago

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