Miyamoto addresses Project Cafe rumors

Thursday, 21 April 2011 17:46 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Shigeru Miyamoto has discussed recent rumors regarding Nintendo’s next console, which is said to be called Project Cafe.

Speaking in an interview with French site Gameblog, Miyamoto said he was familiar with the “coffee” rumors. We’ve translated it to the best of our Google abilities below.

“Yes, I have heard rumors of “Coffee”,” he said. “At the time I want to say it’s normal. You know Nintendo, like all other manufacturers, our job is to design new machines.

“We believe it takes 5 years to make the R & D interesting. Afterwards, I admit that there is no smoke without fire. We must realize that we spend our time developing in-house gaming consoles. Some of you will never see.

“With us, as we do not know exactly where we are going and when we [will] get out our next console, we do not disclose [this] publicly. But we should not believe everything we read.”

So, either it is indeed all a rumor or he is blowing understandable smoke in our direction. We’ll all find out come E3 one way or the other.

Thanks, ScrawlFX.