EA debut FIFA 11 gameplay

Tuesday, 17th August 2010 15:38 GMT By Joe Anderson

fifa 11 2

EA has released a brand new gameplay trailer for FIFA 11 on its Facebook page.

The video highlights new features such as Pro Passing, Personality +, 360 degrees fighting for possession and pink football shirts.

Two other announcements include 11 vs. 11 online play and also for the first time the series introduces Be A Goalkeeper allowing you to making saves from a free kick, punching balls safely out of danger, handle the pressure of the corners, and most importantly, keeping a clean sheet.

Awesome or what?

A demo for it will be released on September 16.

Check out the trailer here.



  1. mike3648

    Play as a goalkeeper? This is one of the big innovations in FIFA 11? Seriously?! Who would want to play as a goalkeeper?!? Come on! In FIFA 10 it is sooo easy to beat the goalie with a chip. Hope this is fixed.

    I wanted to hear that you can play as football legends like Best and Pele. Wanted to hear that you could save your online formations. Wanted to hear that you could update squad rosters on FIFA 10 with DLC. Didn’t hear any of this.

    EA are just money grabbers. They don’t give a rats ass for fans. What a load of crap.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. b163oi

    In spite of what your saying, I’m still gonna get it. Fifa is my s*it, been buying it instead of madden for 3years. Man City fan for 6yrs.

    #2 4 years ago

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