We’re playing Far Cry 2 right now – tell us what you want to know

Monday, 22nd September 2008 11:36 GMT By Patrick Garratt


We’re sitting in Ubisoft’s UK offices playing the most recent build of Far Cry 2. Want to know anything? We’re going to start playing now, and we’ve got a while, so if you’ve got any questions, just stick them in the comments. We’ll do a few pieces from today over the coming weeks, but we’ll live blog this session as we go through for the sake of “the news”.

After the break.

  • Right then. Pressing start. They’ve given us the 360 version to play.
  • It’s the 360 version specifically, and they’ve asked me to say that in the all the editorial.
  • Nine characters to choose from. Going with Marty Alencar, the first option. He’s a 28 year-old Brazilian.
  • Story stuff. Little war in Africa. We have to kill “the Jackal.” There’s an opening sequence now which we can’t talk about.
  • Frame-rate very solid. Dynamic shadowing obvious. No visible stuttering so far.
  • Can’t skip this story part at the start.
  • Load times fine – there’s no visible loading at all so far.
  • OK, some loading, but very quick. It happened at the end of the first sequence. We’re now being briefed on “the target.”
  • The whole thing’s subtitled, as promised.
  • In the game now. We’re getting motion cues, like “use LS to move.” We’ve got to “escape the town.”
  • A to jump, B to crouch. There’s a firefight going on outside the ruined building we’re in. God rays through the dust. Sound of artillery and jets in the distance. Hardcore lighting: really pretty.

  • Straight into a fight. LT to aim, RT to fire. X reloads. Health is in a bar in the left and drops as you’re shot then goes back up when you get into cover. Y to swap weapons on the ground. It’s actually very similar in control to Gear of War, Blerk.
  • PR just told me they want me to say it’s the 360 version because of the screenshots, as there are slight visual differences between the versions.
  • They also said that anything you want answered by the developers can be passed over. So anything we can’t answer today can be sent to Montreal.
  • Dead. First Achievement!
  • LB to heal yourself. Just dug a bullet out of our leg with a knife.
  • The guy that rescued us is now a mission hub.
  • He’s teaching how to save. You just walk to a case on a shelf and press Y.
  • Just bumped up health with an injection.
  • Mellee weapon is a machete. You can carry three other weapons. Just got a rocket launcher.
  • VO’s brilliant. Gritty. Sound’s surround. It’s all very slick, to be honest.
  • Re shooting ratio: as soon as we left the mission hub place, my gun appeared.
  • First mission is to fix a car.
  • Map’s on “back”. Can change the map scale with X.
  • The UI goes completely blank if you do nothing. It’s contextual. If you’re just walking around there’s no info on the screen, just graphics.
  • Just answered a phone call. Got to go kill some “shit-heads.” In the car.
  • If you drive over foilage in the car it pings back up behind you. The red roadsigns on the fence posts lead you to your mission objective. It’s to stop you getting lost, obviously.
  • In firefight. The openness is amazing. Flanked the objective and shot first guy from a distance, crouched in the grass.
  • Best game foilage ever. Put that on the box, Ubi.
  • Shot the second guy in the face at close range. That’ll teach you, second guy.
  • The men were defending a safe house, which is now ours. We can sleep, meet buddies etc.
  • The audio in the firefight was good: the men said things like, “He’s here somewhere” when they were searching for us. Also, the was a depth of field effect in the grass. When we crouched, the distance blurred and the grass came into sharp focus.
  • You control time by resting. You can set your watch and sleep until that specific time. The game has a 24 hour day/night cycle.
  • You click the left stick to sprint.
  • Environments so far: towns, villages, jungle, “bush”.
  • We have to say this, but the “living jungle” is just overwhelming. Everything rustles in the wind, everything’s shadowed, the lighting’s dimmed now we’ve slept till 6pm: beautiful.
  • Going on to a second mission. Another camp. The game’s just paused when we’re driving in and told us to scout out the position instead of just wading in.
  • OK, it’s getting into the combat proper now. You can get your monocular out with the map equipped and scout enemy locations. You can then pull the RT to tag objects on interest on your map, like snipers, mounted weapons, etc.
  • Phone. Have to rescue a hostage from the camp. When you’re looking through the monocular, the sight turns green when you go over an ammo dump, or whatever. You pull the RT, then go back to the map: there’s a new symbol on the map.
  • The music’s dynamic. Just killed someone with the machete, but he got a shot off before he died and it started a bigger fight. The music went “dramatic.”
  • Right, fuck this. Rocket launcher.
  • And the quarterback is toast, etc. Wicked explosions.
  • Re framerate: no drops at all. It’s solid from what we’ve seen so far.
  • Guns sound and behave realistically. An AK does what an AK does, and sounds exactly right. Full-auto makes the muzzle rise, so you have to keep adjusting.
  • Aiming and movement simple and standard in terms of control. Feels great.
  • Weapons arranged on d-pad. Right stick click does nothing.
  • Just rescued a woman. She’s our first “buddy”. She’s told us to come to Mike’s Bar later.
  • Gone back to the mission hub. He’s telling us about being paid in diamonds and not to use paper money. It looks as though the missions are starting to open up a bit. We can go to the bar in town, look for a crate of diamonds, etc.
  • You have to save the game yourself by walking up to flashing blue cases on the wall. There are as many slots as you like, dependant on HD space, presumably.
  • Just used a GPS tracker to find a diamond in a case. There are hundreds of these in the game. You can buy and upgrade weapons with them.
  • We’ll ask about the resolution and framerate later. I’ve got a feeling that’ll have to go to Canada.
  • Right, we’ve got ten minutes left. We’re just going to wander off and get into trouble.
  • Drove off, found another safe house, killed the guards, used a grenade, made someone scream by injuring them.
  • It tells you the date and time of each save, but not time played.
  • Crashed the car into a tree. Got annoyed with it. Blew it up with a grenade. Alerted random soldiers. Now in firefight.
  • Found a river. Went swimming. Up to an outpost. Killed everyone.
  • AlbenoEpiX – It does appear to be brilliant.
  • Statix – You can sprint for about ten seconds, then you get out of breath and your vision blurs and you go back to walking.
  • Blerk – Checkpointing’s being added, we were told this morning.
  • Started a fire! It’s very cool. It spreads along the ground in a wave and leaves burnt buildings, etc, in its wake. When it runs out of vegetation it just burns out. Started it by shooting a gas can which went spinning off into some grass.
  • OK, that’s it. If there’s anything else you want to know, just leave it in the comments and we’ll send a doc over to Ubi later to get answered by Ubi Montreal. Thanks for the questions!



  1. Dean

    Here’s some to start with…

    1. Load times… good? Or chud?
    2. Frame rate… locked @ 60 or 30, or tearing like [insert crude analogy here] ? Or variable/stuttering?
    3. Cut scenes… skippable?


    #1 6 years ago
  2. morriss

    You playing PC, 360 or PS3? Is there a reason why they’ve chosen to demo the game on that particular platform?

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Blerk

    Ratio of shooting to exploring, please.

    #3 6 years ago
  4. Tiger Walts


    #4 6 years ago
  5. Blerk

    Actually, is there even anything to do other than shooting? Environmental puzzles? Blocked routes? Hidden thingies? Side-missions?

    Which game would you most liken it to?

    #5 6 years ago
  6. morriss

    Do you feel like listening to thrash metal whilst playing the game?

    What’s the voice acting like?

    #6 6 years ago
  7. morriss

    Ask if they think PS3 is “in serious trouble”! ;)

    #7 6 years ago
  8. Quiiick

    Any idea why they want you to mention that it’s the 360 version specifically?

    #8 6 years ago
  9. El_MUERkO

    to tell the truth i dont want to know much more about the game, i know enough to get it so now it’s just a case of waiting for it :)

    #9 6 years ago
  10. morriss

    I like lighting. Sounds great.

    What’s th in-game soundtrack like? Rawk? Atmopsheric?

    #10 6 years ago
  11. Blerk

    Quiiick: I guess Microsoft have paid for the ad campaign. Again. :-D

    #11 6 years ago
  12. Tiger Walts

    Ask about the editor, is it on the 360/PS3, what depth of functionality is there, are there community tools for created maps?

    #12 6 years ago
  13. Blerk

    What are these ‘slight visual differences between the versions’ of which they speak? :-D

    #13 6 years ago
  14. sanddunesandsea

    Can you ask what the state of the PS3 build is?

    #14 6 years ago
  15. No_PUDding

    Ask about the PS3 build (stir it up :P )

    What does it look like comparably? (STIR!!)

    #15 6 years ago
  16. Tiger Walts

    Can you set stuff on fire yet?

    #16 6 years ago
  17. Blerk

    Has the 360 caught fire yet?

    #17 6 years ago
  18. Tiger Walts

    Is the heat coming off the 360 enough to keep your teapot warm?

    #18 6 years ago
  19. Syrok

    Can you forget about the story and shooting part and just run around and explore? If so they’ve just found another buyer. :)

    #19 6 years ago
  20. Blerk

    How much variety is there in the environments? Is it all desert with the occasional tree and tin hut, or do you go into towns and stuff?

    #20 6 years ago
  21. No_PUDding

    How can we make our questions more flamebaity?

    But seriously can you ask about the PS3 version or is it taboo when this is specifically the 360 version?

    #21 6 years ago
  22. ecu

    This sounds great. :) It’s definitely piqued my interest in the game. UI disappearing if you’re doing nothing sounds like a great touch.

    #22 6 years ago
  23. Syrok

    Will the console version look worse than the PC version?

    (Probably a rhetorical question:))

    #23 6 years ago
  24. Statix


    Do you hold down the left-stick Button to sprint?

    #24 6 years ago
  25. ecu

    How much variety is there in the environments? Is it all desert with the occasional tree and tin hut, or do you go into towns and stuff?

    I’d also like to know if the game gets more colourful. The screenshots suggest a very brown game. I know it’s Africa, but still..

    #25 6 years ago
  26. Quiiick

    @ Syrok
    You bet they will. Noticeably! ;)

    #26 6 years ago
  27. Robo_1

    Seriously though, I’d also like to know the state of the PS3 version, as I once heard the developers say that the PS3′s architecture was well suited to what they were setting out to do with Far Cry 2. Was that the case or has it all gone Pete Tong?

    #27 6 years ago
  28. Blerk

    You PS3 guys worry a lot, don’t you? :-D

    #28 6 years ago
  29. Robo_1

    I blame the PS3 copy of FEAR (also available as a flick book) I unwittingly purchased. It’s scarred me for life :D

    #29 6 years ago

    What’s the frame rate?

    does the movement/aiming feel natural, like it does in COD4?

    Do the guns feel ‘meaty’ or ‘pop-gun’?

    #30 6 years ago
  31. Shatner

    Ask what the hell the broken fingers are all about:
    Ouch 1, ouch 2.

    Also, how do the visuals compare to Ubisoft’s “we don’t release anything that hasn’t had at least three passes through Photoshop” released media?

    What are the gameplay differences between the characters you get to choose from at the start of the game?

    Are they going to do something boring and predictable like having Altair or a Rabbid as a ‘secret’ playable character?

    #31 6 years ago
  32. Statix

    1) What does clicking the Right-Stick-Button do?

    #32 6 years ago
  33. Quiiick

    @ Blerk
    Quote: “You PS3 guys worry a lot, don’t you?”

    We’re all multi-platform gamers here, aren’t we? So why worry?

    #33 6 years ago
  34. Quiiick

    Please aks if there will be “sixaxis” support in the PS3 version of FC2.

    #34 6 years ago
  35. No_PUDding

    Ps3 owners have a reason to worry about most things non-EA and non-Ubisoft.

    This is just an exception becuase it’s leading on PC, so I am concerned.


    Quiiick: I ahve a super PC, so you’re right.

    #35 6 years ago
  36. Armitage

    Hi all, I too would like to know what the “slight visual differences” are exactly, and also could you ask what is the native resolution of the game? How is the AI? What is the difficulty level? It seemed in some videos the player could waltz through the game without ever dying, but maybe that was due to being played by a very good player rather than difficulty. Finally what is driving vehicles like, in terms of controls and handling? Anyway the game sounds amazing, really looking forward to it. :)

    #36 6 years ago
  37. Statix

    @Quiiick: Watch this video:

    #37 6 years ago
  38. Quiiick

    - Does the game safe automatically?
    - Are there multiple slots for manual saving?
    - Do save games show how long you already played?

    #38 6 years ago
  39. Quiiick

    @ Statix
    Thanks for the link! :)

    #39 6 years ago
  40. El_MUERkO

    Ok I’ve got one, it being an open world game that you can pretty much go anywhere in is there ever a possibility you might bump into the jackal by accident? is he in the game world at all times or just loaded in for the ending?

    i really like the idea of driving along and accidentally running over the bad guy :)

    #40 6 years ago
  41. Agent-X

    hello my name ankido writer from thatgamingsite i just want to know does the game run 720 60fps?

    #41 6 years ago
  42. Quiiick

    I hated the healing stuff in “Metal Gear Solid 3″.
    Is this feature well implemented in FC2 or just a nuisance like in MGS3?

    #42 6 years ago
  43. Statix

    @AlbenoEpiX: If you’d read his blurbs and descriptions, you’d be able to tell that he’s obviously very, very impressed with the game.

    @Quiiick: You just click a button to heal really quick. Watch any video.

    #43 6 years ago
  44. AlbenoEpiX

    Here’s a question unlike the others:

    By your reckoning, does Far Cry 2 live up to the glowing review PC Gamer has graced it with?

    #44 6 years ago
  45. Statix

    Do you have to HOLD DOWN the left-stick-button to keep sprinting, or do you just click it once (a la COD4)?

    #45 6 years ago
  46. morriss

    Nice Die Hard reference.

    #46 6 years ago
  47. Blerk

    You mentioned having to save by yourself, what about checkpointing? If you die do you go all the way back to your previous save?

    #47 6 years ago
  48. Statix

    Last Question: How many customized controller layouts are available in the Options?

    Or is it perhaps possible to completely customize your controller to your own personal preferences? As in customized remapping of each button, etc.

    #48 6 years ago
  49. Armitage

    Another question relates to a negative point brought up by the PC Gamer review, which stated that AI baddies respawn after you’ve taken them down. How soon do they respawn, and is this really a problem, or only noticable if you stick around in a particular area for some time?

    #49 6 years ago
  50. Blerk

    Blerk – Checkpointing’s being added, we were told this morning.

    Blimey, they’ve left that a bit late in the day!

    #50 6 years ago
  51. Blerk

    Just been watching a few videos of this over at GameTrailers and it certainly looks very impressive, graphically. And one of the videos suggests that it is possible to play in a more careful and stealthy way rather than balls-out shooting.

    It’s a shame there won’t be a demo, though. This is the sort of thing I would be curious to try but would never buy ‘blind’.

    #51 6 years ago
  52. El_MUERkO

    blerk you have no sense of adventure :P

    #52 6 years ago
  53. Gekidami

    I wouldnt mind knowing if fire spreading and the ammount of destruction we’ve seen in single player videos will also aply to multi, and mainly on the custom maps?
    Surely if fire spreads as much on maps you make it’ll mean you’ll be able to make continuous elements to burn and have the whole map covered in flames…

    #53 6 years ago
  54. Blerk

    I’d be interested to know how long the damage persists. If you torch a camp or something, does it regenerate in time? Or is it basically torched for ever?

    #54 6 years ago
  55. o0 RECON 0o

    This has been a BURNING QUESTION for a lot of people who love the map editor….

    * Will we have a choice to not let the public edit our map creations that we upload to the Ubisofts Server or pass between consoles?, or is it mandatory that people can edit our maps and destroy our creations with what they think it should look like? Can we limit the number of authors aloud to edit our maps to say 2 or 3 or down to just the original author? After all they will be ranked…

    I think we should be able to choose how many authors are aloud to edit a particular map that we create…. Including down to just the original author… It should be optional to allow co-editing of maps and how many authors are allowed the edit your map if you choose to let them.

    A lot of people are basing the purchase of this game on this question…

    #55 6 years ago
  56. ribeiros

    are you still playing i cant see?

    #56 6 years ago
  57. morriss

    No. Finished now.

    #57 6 years ago
  58. Statix

    @Blerk: This is EXACTLY the type of game that I would buy “blind,” and I’m getting it on day one. As with Fallout 3, this game is gonna offer up a really deep, rich, and satisfying campaign experience and package overall, with anywhere between 50-100 hours of gameplay on your first playthrough, and developed by first-rate, established developers. Along with very promising mulitplayer with a virtually infinite supply of new maps to play in, and an extremely robust map editor to play with, this game will give you your money’s worth unlike any other game before.

    At the very least, it’s a HELL of a lot better than your typical average linear shooter, like COD4, where you move on rails from level to level, and ends up lasting only around 4-8 hours total.

    #58 6 years ago
  59. patlike

    It’s an insta-buy. I wish I could have sat there playing it all day.

    #59 6 years ago
  60. OrphanageExplosion

    Live-blogging gameplay. What an awesome concept! Nice job Pat.

    #60 6 years ago
  61. MuseMuse

    Looking forward to this!

    Question – if the enemy sees you, can you go and hide in foliage or whatever, and they start searching for you á la Metal Gear Solid/Splinter Cell (and eventually give up)? If they do, is it convincing when they give up? Or do they just constantly know where you are and keep firing? I hate accidentally being and seen losing the option for a stealthy approach again.

    #61 6 years ago
  62. pwnedkiller

    I dont know if anyone asked this but tech wise which is gonna run better the 360 verison or the ps3 verison it doesnt matter i was just woundering Far Cry was amazing this well is just gonna blow my mind away.

    O and for multiplayer are you gonna discuss any of that and if u can tell me is their gonna be anything like a killcam of sum sort doesnt matter but i always thought the kill cam was a great add to any FPS

    #62 6 years ago
  63. FREIGHTz

    -Can you turn off auto-aim in the options?

    -Do you drive over the grass realistically, or is it stiff. (i.e. when you go over it, the whole bush just acts on a hinge and goes under the car).

    -How simple is the map editor really? Can you make a lake setting with a beach side resort with relative ease?

    #63 6 years ago
  64. Rass

    It has been said that your actions may affect the way other characters “evolve” with you. So can you choose sides?, can you go and be a friend of this “jackal”, or do you have to stick to a side from the start to the end?, or is it going to be like GTA IV, constantly getting asked to do some stuff from diferent sides en people?, thanks.

    #64 6 years ago
  65. JeppeK

    Hi ho, I’d like to know more about the framrate. Is it stable or is it reducing while shooting, watching in far distance with alot of things moving around etc..?
    And, a REALLY dumb question, where do I find the answers to all previous questions here? Can’t find ‘em, feeling quite blind..

    #65 6 years ago

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