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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - No Place Like Home

Geralt is nesting.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - No Place Like Home

This quest is awarded automatically during the events of The Beast of Toussaint, one of the early quests in the main Blood and Wine storyline.

When you get a chance, head to Corvo Bianco and approach the front door of the house to speak to your majordomo, Basil. Ask about the vineyard and then to be shown around, and follow your pal at a slow walking pace around the grounds while he chats about them.

When you finally arrive back at the house, you can fork out for renovations – 3000 crowns for a makeover, and 1,000 crowns each for an armour table and grindstone in the grounds. You need to wait one day for the grounds improvements and three for the house.

In the meantime, you can place some weapons and armour on display, avail yourself of the stash and bookshelves in the bedroom, and place any trophies and paintings you might have. You can’t use the bed while the décor upgrade is in progress. You can also play Gwent against Basil if you open the conversation pane with him again.

When three days are up, return to the house and speak to Basil. He’ll suggest you search the cellar. That’s where you fought the Bruxa, so head out the door and down the stairs in the courtyard outside. There’s a wall you can blow down with Aard, behind which is an alchemy lab. The table on your right refills all your potions and such, and the one in the middle can be used to transform mutagens.

When you’ve finished exploring and looting out the cellar, return to Basil for another chat. You can then make the following upgrades to your house:

  • New bed: 1,000 crowns, provides bonus to Vitality
  • More weapon racks: 500 crowns
  • More armour racks: 500 crowns
  • Guest room refurbish: 1,000 crowns
  • Better stable: 2,000 crowns, bonus to Roach’s stamina
  • Herb garden: 2,000 crowns, allows you to grow herbs

When you’ve completed all the renovations you’ll earn a trophy or achievement, and can return to Basil to finish the quest. Agree to celebrate the estate’s restoration and you and he will have a pleasant drink together.

Sleeping in Geralt’s bed after purchasing all these upgrades will grant you a stack of handy bonuses, which together with your bookshelf for an XP boost and the armour table and grindstone for equipment buffs, makes your vineyard a great place to return to between missions.

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