Ultimate Alliance

More characters announced for Ultimate Alliance 2

Activision and Vicarious Visions have released a list of 17 out of the 24 playable characters in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.Some of you were excited yesterday over Iron Fist being included, while some were a bit “meh”.Maybe a few of these will turn the tide. Captain America Daredevil Electro (Villain) Hulk Human Torch Iron Fist […]

12 years ago

Ultimate Alliance headlines

  • Iron Fist to be a playable character in Ultimate Alliance 2

    Iron Fist will be one of 24 playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, according to Kotaku.We know this for a fact: we saw it first hand at GDC.Need more proof? Watch the video after the break.

    12 years ago
  • Activision financials: New Ultimate Alliance and Spiderman games confirmed

    Activision confirmed new games based on the Marvel franchise last night, in an investor call following the release of record third quarter financials.Both a new Spiderman title and a sequel to Raven’s Ultimate Alliance RPG will hit this financial year, presumably as part of the company’s Christmas line up, but no other details were forthcoming.

    13 years ago