Max Payne 2

Rockstar Steam sale has various titles for 50-75% off

Rockstar games are on sale through Steam this weekend.

Max Payne 2 headlines

  • Max Payne 2 latest GFW title to go to 99c

    There was a time before Alan Wake for Remedy. A time where we had Max Payne.

  • Hurry - Max Payne bundle is just $3.74 on Steam

    Those wanting some Max Payne cheap, but not wanting the full Rockstar Collection up on Steam are in luck today, as there’s a bundle for the flawed hero on sale until 2.00pm today.

  • Max Payne 1 and 2 on XBLA now

    The first two Max Payne games are now up on XBLA for 1,200 MS Points each. These have to be worth a punt, if only to laugh at Max’s wank-face as he dives through the air in slow motion. Off you go.

  • 30% off all Rockstar games this weekend

    Due to our shameful lack of update yesterday, you now only have a half a weekend to take advantage of the fact all Rockstar games have been reduced by 30 percent on Steam until tomorrow. A string of classics – such as GTA IV, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Max Payne 2 and Vice City – are […]