Game Piracy

Latest PC DRM tech too hard to crack, “no more cracked games in two years,” says cracking group

A recent advancement in DRM technologies has helped many AAA title remain un-cracked for longer than they’ve ever been able to. Just Cause 3 is the latest example.

5 years ago

Game Piracy headlines

  • John Riccitiello sees piracy as a "marketplace"

    EA’s John Riccitiello has told Kotaku that he sees game pirates as a way to sell more games to people, reasoning that pirates can “steal the disc, but they can’t steal the DLC”.“The consumer seems to really like this idea that there is extra stuff,” said Riccitiello. “The consumer wants more, and when you give […]

    11 years ago
  • USTR puts Canada on Priority Watch List for piracy

    U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk has placed Canada on the Priority Watch List for piracy alongside Algeria, Argentina, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, and Venezuela.This is the first time Canada has been put on such a list by the US government, and after complaining to the country for some time now over […]

    12 years ago
  • Europe is "rife" with piracy says ESA

    The ESA has filed a special report with the US trade representative outlining how “rife” piracy is in Western Europe.According to the report, during December 2008 thirteen different titles were downloaded 6.4 million times — two titles accounted for 4.7 million of those downloads“Piracy is the single greatest threat to the innovation, artistic commitment and […]

    12 years ago