E3 2010

Interview – Civilization V’s Dennis Shirk

Just as a game of Civilization constantly shifts through the ages, evolves, and occasionally pits horse-riding cavalrymen against 1,500-horsepower tanks, so too does the videogame industry grow and change. A mere five years have passed since the launch of Civilization IV, but already, the industry’s a different beast entirely. How, for instance, does one of […]

E3 2010 headlines

  • Interview - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II's Gavin Leung

    In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, you battered Darth Vader and The Emperor, yanked a Star Destroyer clean out of the sky, and pretty much made every other Jedi ever look like a baby swinging a glowstick. So, of course, the question arises: how the hell do you top that? We got a chance to […]

  • Interview - Michael Jackson: The Game's Felicia Williams

    We were honestly a bit surprised when Ubisoft offered us an interview involving its newly announced Michael Jackson game. After all, our experience with the game – like everyone else’s – was limited to a surprise dance-off at the end of Ubisoft’s E3 conference. Flashy? Sure. But about as revealing as women’s fashion in the […]

  • Interview - XCOM's Jonathan Pelling

    With the exception of a certain single most popular subscription-based fantasy MMO in the entire world, radical genre reinventions and videogames have something of a checkered past. In the eyes of many, it’s like tracking mud all over holy ground, lighting a national flag on fire, or saying Firefly was overrated. In other words, a […]

  • Interview - Vanquish's Atsushi Inaba

    Platinum Games doesn’t make normal things. It just doesn’t. Hair-clad butterfly witches, a game show about wanton murder, and all kinds of other kooky ideas are just another day at the office for Platinum’s intrepid crew of oddballs. And in a world full of gray, stoic, gray shooters, the kind of zaniness that Platinum peddles […]

  • Interview - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Justin Drust

    We weren’t sure what to think when Ubisoft announced yet another entry in its Ghost Recon shooter franchise, but after seeing the game in action at E3, we reckon Ghost Recon’s well worth getting excited about. After all, in what other game can you turn invisible, knife a guard until he can legally be classified […]

  • Interview - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's Mathieu Gagnon

    Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 felt ages apart in more ways than one. Most obviously, they took place in wildly different time periods – AC 1 during the Third Crusade and AC2 in Renaissance Italy. The gap between the two games’ releases, however – especially for an industry that has reduced the yearly sequel down […]

  • Interview - Star Wars: The Old Republic's Daniel Erickson (part two)

    The Star Wars films have always had a nasty habit of making you wait years between sequels. What’s up with that? Us though, we’re not like mean old George Lucas. Waiting’s not our style. Yesterday: part one. Today: part two. Jump past the break to hear Star Wars: The Old Republic writing director Daniel Erickson’s […]

  • Interview - Star Wars: The Old Republic's Daniel Erickson (part one)

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is perhaps one of the most massive videogame projects ever undertaken. When BioWare said the MMO set an even longer time ago in a galaxy far away was KOTORs 3-8, it wasn’t kidding. Every character class skywalks its own completely unique path through the game – each with a narrative […]

  • 3DS - First hands-on impressions

    Seems like it’s all the rage at this year’s E3 to – in some cases, literally – ascend mountaintops and shout about “the future” and “changing things forever.” Nintendo, on the other hand, let its hardware speak for itself.

  • Force Unleashed II E3 trailer pits two lightsabers against a thousand stormtroopers

    Can you guess who wins? It should be pretty obvious, after all. You’ve got one guy with a couple glorified glowsticks and enough armor to protect the most vital of vital points: his shoulder, versus a stepped-on ant hill’s worth of heavily armored, armed-to-the-teeth marksmen. This should be the most one-sided fight since Godzilla versus […]

  • First Bodycount trailer makes Michael Bay proud

    Some people build sandcastles. Others knock them down. Bodycount is definitely a game for the latter type of person. In Bodycount, your gun is the bull, and everyone and everything around you is the china shop. If you can see it, it can be broken or blown to smithereens by anything from a bullet to […]

  • EA: Respawn's skipping E3 this year

    What’s wrong with this picture: Weeks ago, Jason West and Vince Zampella barely had enough employees to throw together a TI-83 calculator sidescrolling version of Modern Warfare, and now they’re blowing the lid off a brand new blockbuster game? The answer: everything. Which makes sense, because none of it’s true.

  • Future of Pac-Man to be revealed at E3

    In a press email received by Joystiq, Namco Bandai announced that Pac-Man’s “next evolution” will be shown off at E3.

  • Rumors: GoWIII getting custom PS3, Resistance 3 announce at E3

    PlayStation: The Official Magazine hints around in the January issue that God of War III will launch with its own custom PS3 and the mag says its “90 percent sure” that it’s gonna happen. While that sounds great and all, PTOM’s not finished handing out the rumor candy just yet.

  • Rumour - Survey outs possibillty of attending E3 from Live

    Colour us interested. If a survey picked up by D’Toid seems to indicate what it looks it could, you could be attending E3 next year from Live! The service, which would be free, would see an Avatar go about a virtual showfloor with booths from all of the major publishers, with the possibillty of videos, […]

  • E3 Expo already dated for 2010

    E3 Expo just tweeted that it has already set a date for next year’s conference in LA. Here’s the message: “Mark your calendars! E3 Expo returns to the LACC June 15-17 2010.” So now you know when to start planning another week of information overload. Good times.