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Evolve developers discuss next-gen shooter & creation of Left 4 Dead

Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios has taken part in a new interview that looks at the shooter's early conception, along with the creation of Left 4 Dead.

It follows our massive Evolve info blow-out, looking at player-classes, alien evolution, weapons and more.

Speaking with Game Informer, studio heads Chris Ashton and Phil Robb discussed the topics above, along with the collapse of Evolve's previous publisher THQ.

After the team was acquired by Valve in 2008, it was given space to create a new IP. Robb revealed that the group initially worked on a first-person wizard combat title he said had, "a lot of fun elements but it was a little geeky, geeky in that it was kind of complicated. So we messed with that for awhile but that didn't end up going anywhere."

Robb explained that he had longed to play a co-op shooter in a group of four, and so his team started work on a zombie concept called Terror. It later became Left 4 Dead and the rest is history.

Work on Evolve began in 2009 after Turtle Rock became independent once more, and the IP was bought by 2K Games following the collapse of THQ. It's been a wild rid for Evolve, but it's coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

Be sure to check out the video interview for the full story. It's quite fascinating.

Via Polygon.

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