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CP2077 The Killing Moon: How to get the best ending in Phantom Liberty

Who should you side with in Phantom Liberty?

Reed and Songbird lean against the balcony railing at a fancy party while discussing their plan with V.
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Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty DLC has a couple of different endings, one of which unlocks a new ending for the base game as well. Naturally, there are one or two key choices to make along the way that determine which branch of the story you end up seeing.

If you're anxious to know what you're getting into beforehand, look no further, because in this guide we'll explain how to unlock the new and best endings in CP2077: Phantom Liberty.

Needless to say, beware spoilers for the ending of Phantom Liberty below.

How to get the best ending in Phantom Liberty

By the time you've reached Phantom Liberty's endgame, you'll understand the stakes: Reed and Songbird are both promising V a cure for their condition, but require them to betray the other in exchange for access to it.

Reed is a level-headed presence in V's chaotic world, but Songbird is perhaps the first true kindred spirit they've found. And while both of them seem genuinely fond of V and might well be telling the truth, it's just as clear that both of them are capable of being ruthless and underhanded when they need to be, and it wouldn't be the first time either one had betrayed a friend. So, who should you trust?

How to begin The Killing Moon main mission in Phantom Liberty

No outcome to the Phantom Liberty storyline can be said to be wholly good or bad, but if you want to see the brand-new ending to V's overall story that comes with the DLC, you need to side with Reed and the FIA over Songbird.

However, there are a few different paths to take in order to reach this conclusion, and if you're really looking for the best of all possible worlds, you might actually want to begin by picking Songbird.

Your first major choice of the DLC comes at the end of the mission "Firestarter". During your undercover infiltration of Hansen's headquarters, you'll be prompted at a key moment to either continue going along with Reed and Alex's plan, or break off from them and help Songbird to flee the facility.

Two versions of Songbird talk to V as a major decision of who to ally yourself to flashes up on the UI.
This looks like the big choice in the DLC, but it's not actually the only moment when you can decide your allegiances. | Image credit: VG247 / CD Project Red

Choosing to stay loyal to Reed and sticking to his side throughout the rest of the questline opens up a sequence of three new missions: "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos", "Somewhat Damaged", and "Leave in Silence".

Choosing to help Songbird flee sets you on a different path with just one long final mission: "The Killing Moon". Even though it's a more roundabout way of getting the best ending, there are a couple of reasons to pick The Killing Moon and Songbird's path over following Reed right away.

For starters, you need to ally yourself with Songbird initially if you want Alex to survive. Side with Reed and she's killed by Hansen when he realises you're not who you claimed to be; run off with Songbird instead and, while, you won't meet Alex again, you do at least get the satisfaction of seeing her shoot her way out of Hansen's HQ and knowing that she (presumably) got her long-awaited payout from Myers.

Siding with Songbird is also the better option if you want to earn Johnny's approval, although if you do plan to switch back to Reed to get the new ending, you'll have to let him down eventually.

How to side with Reed in The Killing Moon

Even if you do choose to help Songbird flee though, you'll have the option to switch back to Reed at the end of the next mission in her branch, "The Killing Moon". Eventually you'll have to choose between siding with Reed again or shooting him dead once he confronts you and Songbird, so you can actually switch your allegiances back until practically the last moment. He'll be a little more frosty with you at first, but the new ending will play out just the same in the end.

You can, of course, stick firmly to Songbird's side instead. This will require you to kill Reed during the finale and, in doing so, lock yourself out of the new base game ending added with the DLC, but you will get to see a cool and unique ending for Phantom Liberty.

How to get the new ending to V's story

After the credits roll on Phantom Liberty, you'll land up back in the main game still in Act 2. If you killed Reed and helped Songbird escape then that's that, and Johnny reminds V that they still need to get their asses in gear finding a cure. The base game then continues as normal.

However, if you sided with Reed and gave up Songbird to the FIA, he'll keep in touch intermittently. You'll have to wait several in-game days for a few communications with him to pan out, but eventually you'll be given the option to trigger a new point of no return, one that sees you helicoptered to DC to undergo surgery paid for by a grateful president of the NUSA — thereby bypassing the Arasaka Tower siege entirely. There's more to see after that, but no need to spoil it here.

Johnny explains the new point of no return to V at the conclusion of the Phantom Liberty storyline.
Phantom Liberty adds a new point of no return for CP2077's endgame as a whole. | Image credit: VG247 / CD Projekt Red

Like the other points of no return, this one remains an option until you pick your ending path, so you can continue to investigate the other loyalty options available to you in Act 2 and clear up any side missions you have on the go before you make your final choice. When (and if) you're ready to throw your lot in with the FIA, simply head to the roof of Misty's store and call Reed to kick off the new ending.

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