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Call of Duty: Vanguard - Caldera map revealed on world premiere jacket

Via a report from VGC, we've got a closer look at a detailed Caldera map attached to world premiere jackets

It's only one day until the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, and we’ve been treated to a closer look at the upcoming Caldera Warzone map via exclusive jackets given out at the game’s World Premiere event. Sewn into the inside of these snazzy olive green jackets is a tactical map showing off the names and locations of key points across the island of Caldera.

Thanks to VGC, who enhanced the image allowing everyone to get a closer look, we’ve gained a birds eye view of all the interesting drop points we’ll all be diving into soon. The enhanced map can be seen below:

From this map, we can now get a better idea of the spread of locations around the island. Caldera looks to be surrounded by points of interest all around its perimeter. To the south we’ve got the City Capital, with numerous large buildings spread throughout and a large mountain to its north. The east seems far less built up, with a small Fishing Village and Ancient Ruins along the coast.

The north seems far more built up - you’ve got a Naval Shipyard and Ore Processing Docks almost directly next to each other. Then, to the west, there’s a more militarized zone with the Submarine Base and Beach Defences that is sure to be a hub for early game conflict.

Venture into the island and you’re not lacking excitement either. A direct drive south east from the Ore Processing Docks is the Phosphor Mines, which takes up a large chunk of the northern portion of the island. Towering over the mines is the island's volcano (which I’m sure won’t erupt, don’t worry about it).

Then there’s the Airport, which sits between the Fishing Village and the City Capital. This is surely where players will be able to find those airplanes that were briefly shown off in the newest cinematic trailer, and I’m putting my money on this being the new superstore if that’s the case.

Finally, we’ve got the humble Taro farms, just off the centre of the island. While it doesn’t look like there’s much there building-wise, those with an eye for maps will notice its surrounding by hills of various elevation - so players will have to watch out for enemies on higher ground.

This map is interesting for various reasons. The most standout difference between this and Verdansk is just how populated the outskirts of the map are. Anyone who’s played Warzone will tell you that the most action takes place closer to the centre of the battlefield - leaving some locations like Dam or Lumber rarely heavily contested. Caldera looks to break that trend by tempting players to these outskirts.

It’s also way less...flat. Verdansk is many things, but certainly not mountainous. Elevated geography will inject added verticality to firefights away from the rooftop engagements that we’ve all grown used to by now.

Dubbed “Operation Alpha” on the map, it’s looking more and more like Caldera will be the first step towards a vastly different Warzone experience. Caldera will be introduced into Warzone December 3, following several events sending off Verdansk.

Activision Blizzard, publishers or Call of Duty, are currently undergoing drastic internal changes following allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace. Only yesterday, the company announced steps it was taking to address these concerns as part of its Q3 financial report.

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