Tetris 99’s new Big Block DLC gives you a more traditional, offline Tetris experience

By James O'Connor, Friday, 10 May 2019 03:01 GMT

Tetris 99, the online Switch phenomenon, has gotten its very first paid DLC, which is focused entirely on offline modes.

Thanks to dataminers, we’ve known for a while that more modes are coming, but now they’re actually available. Two new modes are available right now: CPU Battle and Marathon. A third will follow at a later date.

Marathon Mode is the Tetris you know and love. You set a speed, you drop blocks, and things speed up as you score points until eventually you can play no more. It’s classic Tetris.

CPU Battle is, effectively, a practice mode for Tetris 99’s online multiplayer. You can take on 98 CPU opponents and hone your skills without needing to worry about all of the other online players ganging up on you. Pair this with our tips and tricks for the game and you’ll have a strong shot at that number 1 slot.

The DLC carries a US$9.99 (or your regional equivalent) price tag and is available now.

In other Tetris 99 news, the third Tetris 99 Grand Prix, the Maximus Cup, begins on May 17. If you earn 100 points between May 17 and 20, you’ll unlock the Game Boy Tetris skin, which is a lovely retro throwback.

Because these modes are offline, they are available to users without a Nintendo Online subscription as well. The base, online version of Tetris 99 remains free.

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