Sony is hiring for its next gen PS5 campaign

October 15, 2018 Hannah Dwan

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A job listing on LinkedIn has revealed that PlayStation is looking to hire a senior product manager to “own the roadmap for next generation PlayStation campaign.”

Posted on October 14, and picked up by TheRaidenPT on ResetEra, the job’s responsibilities and requirements are otherwise fairly average. Based in San Francisco, the focus would be on creating and executing the roadmap for this campaign.

This presumably means that work is ongoing at PlayStation for its next console’s release, although given the scale of an endeavour and how far ahead it would be planned, it’s not entirely surprising.

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Another user on ResetEra, Gemüsepizza, also found a separate job that also alluded to the next generation. It advertised a senior software engineer role where a goal is “developing platforms that enable delivering intelligent experiences to next generation of PlayStation devices.”

The rest of the ResetEra thread consists of speculation on the exact release of PlayStation’s “next generation,” but these job advertisements imply that work is building up towards this release, whenever it might be.

The slow rise of rumours surrounding a PS5, from a claim that development kits are out there in the world and hopeful guesses at an E3 2019 appearance, means it’s becoming more of a talking point.

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