Far Cry 5’s first Live Event, Well Done, is now available

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 4 April 2018 12:33 GMT

As promised, the first Live Event in Far Cry 5 has gone live on all platforms.

Prior to Far Cry 5’s launch, Ubisoft said the game’s Live Events will kick off April 3. The first one of these, called Well Done, is now available for all.

Live Events are missions with specific objectives that reward exclusive items upon completion. In this case, Hurk is challenging players to kill animals with fire.

The trick is that you can’t use molotovs or the flamethrower. Instead, you must either rely on fire arrows or use environmental hazards like red barrels to start a fire and hopefully catch a few animals.

You’ll receive Silver Bars the more progress you make. If you get 20 kills, you’ll unlock a special reward: the Prestige flamethrower Flamebearer. If the community manages to get 150,000 kills in total, everyone who participated gets a themed outfit.

To access the event, open the menu and keep scrolling until you find the online tab. You’ll be able to join the event by selecting Live Events from there. This page also tracks your progress and that of the rest of the game’s community.

You have until Tuesday, April 10, which is when the Well Done event ends.

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