Destiny 2 Xur update: should you buy Sweet Business?

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 20 October 2017 11:15 GMT

Sweet Business is Xur’s pick this week in Destiny 2.

Sweet Business is an auto rifle that looks like it would have been a great heavy weapon in Destiny 1. Despite its looks, it’s actually a Kinetic weapon in Destiny 2.

The weapon’s main intrinsic perk, Payday, increases its accuracy when fired from the hip. This works great with its large magazine, another benefit of the same perk.

For even more destruction, you can hold down the trigger to increase Sweet Business’ range and rate-of-fire, like a true minigun. Thanks to the Business Time trait, Sweet Business automatically loads ammo into the magazine when you pick it up.


Sweet Business looks and sounds cool, and it’s fun to use. Unfortunately, it’s not a top-tier Exotic, and a lot of the time you really need to make every shot count with your Kinetic weapon, so something like this works in limited situations. Pick it up if you’re looking to have a bit of fun and remain effective without necessarily doing your best.

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