Nintendo NES Classic Mini eBay prices top £250

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 19 April 2017 09:04 GMT

Now that Nintendo is not making any more NES Classic Minis, scalpers pretty much have a green light to charge what they please.


Nintendo surprised fans last week when it announced it won’t be be making any more NES Classic Mini units. The console is not even six months old, having released only last November.

As is always the case with limited-quantity products, scalpers have already listed theirs on eBay for double, triple, and sometimes four and five times the MSRP. For reference, Nintendo’s official price for the NES Classic Mini is $60/£50.

A simple search on eBay will bring up multiple listings, none of which are anywhere close to the unit’s actual price. One seller in particular, whose stock is already sold out, had multiple units for £249.95.

Plenty of sellers are only offering the units through auctions, with the ‘buy it now’ prices being obscenely high.

This is hardly surprising, as you’re bound to find eBay scalpers for almost every major product. The problem here, of course, is that you’d almost always be better served by waiting a few weeks, or checking other major retailers. You can even test this now by looking up the Nintendo Switch.

In the case of the NES Classic, however, waiting is not an option. Legitimate customers will just have to look for other ways to play these games in the same compact fashion.

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