Everyone wants to make a new Destroy All Humans game so let’s just do that already

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 27 July 2016 07:41 GMT

A new Destroy All Humans seems likely. Let’s make that happen.


Destroy All Humans is one of those titles that wrings a wistful sigh from those who were there when this unique sandbox title arrived on PS2 and Xbox in 2005. True to its title, it cast the player in the role of an alien bent on destroying humans; there was some sort of DNA harvesting plot but more importantly there were very amusing ragdoll physics on corpses.

The series was developed by Pandemic but stayed with publisher THQ, which oversaw a couple of disappointing sequels; the cessation of legacy-undercutting releases lent a certain sense of relief to the publisher’s bankruptcy. The rights ended up in a very tasty job-lot snatched by up-and-coming publisher Nordic, which has since shown a tendency to sit on its property and await the perfect time to strike.

Boss Reinhard Pollice recently said he’s pretty keen on a new Destroy All Humans, and the news has lit a bit of a fire, showing there’s definitely demand for it. But who could make such a thing?

Well, Destroy All Humans designer Dan Teasdale, for one.

“I would love to make a new DAH,” Teasdale told us. “There’s so much cool stuff that didn’t make it into the first game that would be amazing to add and build on modern technology.

“Plus, letting the franchise die on Path of the Furon just seems kinda mean.”

Together with enigmatic artist and designer Panzer, Teasdale is a founding member of No Goblin, the indie behind Roundabout (which is great) and the upcoming 100ft Robot Golf (potentially the best Evangelion game ever), as well as the annual Men of Game Development calendar. Between Pandemic and No Goblin, he was senior designer on Rock Band at Harmonix, and worked on The Gunstriner and The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles at Twisted Pixels.

Goodness knows what No Goblin has planned in the wake of 100ft Robot Golf but I am mercilessly consigning it to the back burner. Nordic is going to ring up and make a deal for a new Destroy All Humans, and everyone will be very happy, especially me. I’m putting this on my vision board and demand you do the same.

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