Hitman: Sapienza DLC missions include new Sarajevo Six target – trailer

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 26 April 2016 03:58 GMT

Hitman’s new Sapienza content tasks you with tracking down the second of the Sarajevo Six.

Hitman: Sapienza DLC missions include new Sarajevo Six target

The new Hitman DLC includes a bonus for PS4 owners in the form of the second contract of the platform-exclusive Sarajevo Six missions.

In beautiful Sapienza, players will be tasked with chasing down one Gary Lunn. Here’s IO Interactive’s description:

“Gary Lunn, also known as ‘The Enforcer’, has been located in Sapienza where he is currently working at the Ether corporate bio lab, supervising high level security efforts. Lunn is a highly trained professional and can most likely be found moving around Villa Caruso or the bio lab.”

The Sarajevo Six contracts tell a self-contained bonus side story, so PC and Xbox One players aren’t missing any essential plot.

Hitman Episode 2 launches today; hit that link for local and platform-specific release windows. Console players will have to download a patch in order to access the new content, but PC players ought to have downloaded and installed the update over the past week.

It’s interesting to see how much hype this new DLC has generated. Square Enix made such a mess of announcing how the game would release, embracing and then rejecting the “episodic” moniker and leaving everyone very confused, but the initial release was well-received by fans and critics. This second episode adds a whole new location and plenty to do while visiting, and if it goes over well we’ll feel pretty confident about the rest of the season to come.

Waiting to get it all at once? Hitman releases on disc in January.

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