Play EVE Online mini game, advance medical science

Monday, 2 November 2015 20:52 GMT By Brenna Hillier

EVE Online players now have the opportunity to make a real difference.


CCP has partnered with Massively Multiplayer Online Science and Reykjavik University to create a new mini game with real-world consequences.

In the mini game, players identify proteins in images of cells. Their work is then added to the Human Protein Atlas, an extremely ambitious and labour-intensive scheme to map the human proteome.

The value of this information to science – especially medical research – can’t really be overstated, as there are never enough human or financial resources available through traditional funding. Crowdsourcing the work could make a huge difference.

You can learn more about the project by watching the EVE Online keynote form EVE Vegas 2015, which is embedded below. The relevant section kicks off at 54:40.