Valve won’t be at E3 2015

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 9 June 2015 09:19 GMT

Valve is not planning to be at E3 next week.


Don’t expect new game announcements or product showings from Valve at this year’s E3. The company told GamesBeat that it’s not “taking meetings for upcoming products.”

The news is not really surprising considering Valve’s current status. The company has not been actively involved in the general game development cycle that we’ve come to expect from most studios. Valve is also big enough to just have “its own E3” in the form of a couple of announcements that are sure to get everyone excited.

It is however kind of strange when it comes to VR. This year’s E3 is talked up by many as “the VR E3.” Sony and Oculus are both showing demos for their respective VR headsets, and the focus on the technology will surely shift towards mainstream – or start to at the very least – during the expo.

Of course Valve could always pull a daring and 100% unexpected moved like it did back in E3 2010, when Gabe Newell took the Sony stage to announce Portal 2 for PS3.

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