The origins of Grifball, and other Halo secrets

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 22 March 2015 22:49 GMT

Halo is a treasure trove of secrets, stories, anecdotes and laughs.

One of Halo’s most famous multiplayer modes is Grifball, a kind of sport. In the latest Did You Know Gaming video, embedded below, the mode’s origins are revealed. Turns out it’s named after Grif from Red vs Blue – I really should have realised that – and was in fact invented by the Rooster Teeth crew. Huh! Clearly I am a filthy casual.

There are other stories in this episode that may be more obscure, for the pleasure of hardcore fans. Enjoy.

By the by, did you see we’re getting Halo 5 news in the next few hours? Exciting.

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