Kratos is coming: here’s why Sony will show God of War PS4 at E3 2014

By Brenna Hillier
4 June 2014 07:12 GMT

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Will Sony show God of War PS4 at E3 2014? SCE Santa Monica itself seems to be teasing it, but there are plenty of reasons to put your faith in Kratos.


It’s time for a first-party next-gen blockbuster.

Do you remember when God of War 3 hit PlayStation 3 and suddenly it went from being an also-ran console to a piece of tech you actually wanted to own? It was a lot more complicated than that, of course, with Sony proving itself flexible and determined in turning the PS3’s fortunes around, but God of War 3 was basically the first “proper” PS3 game.

I don’t think the PS4 has that yet. InFamous: Second Son is pretty good, maybe even great, but I wouldn’t call it mind-blowing. It has been a system-seller, but it doesn’t have the pull the God of War franchise has.

A big proper God of War game could do a lot for the PS4 – a console that’s already doing pretty well without it. This is the first E3 after the PS4’s launch, and having gotten through the launch window slush – Knack and the like going on the same pile as PS3 launch titles like Folklore – it’s time to show us the big, heavy-hitting franchises we’re hungering for. Sony knows that as well as you and I do.

What else could SCE Santa Monica be doing?

Every time we ask questions about what SCE Santa Monica is doing, Sony politely points to about a dozen things. It’s helping Ready At Dawn with The Order: 1886, Honeyslug with Hohokum, and The Chinese Room with Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. It provides ongoing support for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. We’ve been told that it works with SCE Worldwide Studios to aid teams from all over the world by lending its tech and expertise, if not taking an active design role.

But you know what? SCE Santa Monica is really a big studio. Sticking a finger in every Sony pie isn’t enough to keep it occupied. It has to be doing something in there.

“Maybe it’s working on a new IP!” you cry. Indeed, imaginary Internet commenter. It might be. In fact, we’re pretty sure it has been – but that it was cancelled, resulting in lay-offs.

So what is it doing now? It’s doing God of War PS4. Obvs.


Sony’s got a big hole in its line-up – again.

Listen. We don’t actually know what was cancelled at SCE Santa Monica, but the rumours suggest it was something really big, with up to 150 staff on board, and that it was Sony’s big E3 2014 reveal. We also don’t know what Sony’s plans were for the release of this big new IP, but again, rumour has it was rebooted and therefore delayed multiple times – which certainly would explain a number of mysterious gaps in Sony’s release schedule in recent years (Where was 2013’s big end of year release, hey? Don’t tell me it was PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale; I’m not mental).

Sony not only needs a big next-gen hit, it needs something to replace this missing project. God of War seems the obvious choice. It’s something Sony already knows how to do, and already has the talent on board. For example:

Cory Barlog is back.

David Jaffe seems to have lost all interest in the God of War series, and wasn’t involved in the last few releases, but long-time leader Cory Barlog is back at SCE Santa Monica. If you happen to have the successful director of God of War in-house, why wouldn’t you get him on board? Sony may have had to offer Barlog various passion projects on the side to keep his interest, but there’s nothing to indicate it wouldn’t cut such a deal.

Sony has the people and a hole in its schedule. But other clues point to a God of War PS4 reveal at E3 2014; learn more on the next page.

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