Kinect is dead: even these awesome mods couldn’t keep it alive

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 15 May 2014 07:51 GMT

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This Oculus and Kinect take on arcade classic Paperboy

Created by Toronto tech collective Globacore, PaperDude VR is a neat concept that uses Kinect, Oclus and a bike-tracking widget called Kickr to drop players into a quirky virtual rendition of Midway’s arcade smash Paperboy. If anything, whoever plays this would get some serious exercise indoors. Let’s see the Daily Mail try to bad-mouth that plus sign.

This app that reproduces your Kinect-captured facial movements

This tech is called Faceshift, and it records and plays back your facial movements almost instantly on the avatar of your choice. It’s similar to what Team Dakota is doing with Project Spark’s avatar mo-cap technology, but as you can see in the clip, it also captures your lip sync movement. This could be used to replicate the facial wizardry first seen in LA Noire, but rarely seen since. Could it have other applications? Quite possibly.

This coffee table that’s essentially a giant touch-screen

No, we didn’t fancy paying stupid-money for a Microsoft Surface coffee table either, but Bastian Bröcker’s neat brick game shows how Kinect, coupled with a PlayStation Eye camera, lasers and other tech trickery, can turn any table into something interactive.

Sure, this doesn’t just work with Kinect alone, but who knows where this tech could have gone with Microsoft’s blessing? Virtual board games without the pieces is just one possibility, and would help bring local co-op back into the living room. What about a virtual keyboard for your console MOBAs? It’s fun to think bigger.

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