League of Legends will hopefully last “decades” says Riot

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 23 January 2014 08:39 GMT

League of Legends developer Riot Games has discussed the longevity of its popular MOBA, and compared eSports’ biggest hitters to long-standing physical sports, suggesting that the game could last decades.

It follows reports that League of Legends is being blocked by the UK’s anti-porn filter.

OnGamers reports that Dustin Beck, Riot’s vice president of eSports participated in a panel at the Digital-Life-Design Conference in Munich, Germany on Monday.

During the session he said, “Esports hasn’t really existed on this pro level before, and we wanted to treat our fans, League of Legends players, the same as any fan would come to expect of a European Premier League match or NFL game. Really, to control that broadcast quality we were like, ‘Do we hire someone from BBC sports or FOX sports to go build this out if they have no game knowledge it’s really hard for them to do?'”

Commenting on the popularity of eSports, Beck added, “It’s a sport like just like anything else. Baseball has been around 110 years. I’m not saying League of Legends will be around that long, but we see the shelf life of LoL as hopefully decades.”

Do you feel that eSports has reached a point where it has the professional standards to sustain for decades? Let us know below.

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