Gamestop reopens launch day Xbox One pre-orders with mandatory $100 deposit

By Ewan Miller, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 21:35 GMT

Gamestop has reopened its US Xbox One pre-orders for a “limited time” for customers willing to throw down $100 towards the console’s $499 price. These pre-orders will guarantee a console on its November 22 launch date and only one will be available per customer. The pre-order is available online or in-store and there’s no indication of stock levels yet. Some Microsoft and Gamestop PR quotes after the break.

Bob Puzon, Gamestop’s senior vice president of merchandising: “Calling all gamers, if you have not pre-ordered your Xbox One console, now is your last chance, we have worked closely with Microsoft to offer our customers another opportunity to pre-order an Xbox One before its official launch date. One of the many great features of the Xbox One is that there are no limitations to using and sharing games and players can share and trade in games as before”.

“Calling all gamers”. Appeals to gamers as a social demographic like this always sound kind of weird to me, using the same language to sell a console as one might to gather a militia or gather votes to pass a bill.

Matt Barlow, Xbox Marketing’s general manager: “Microsoft is excited to partner with GameStop to bring Xbox One to consumers at launch and as part of our Area One hands on events. Xbox One has an award-winning line of blockbuster games coming this holiday, the biggest and best online community, and is the only console to bring all your entertainment together in one place.”

Thanks, Joystiq.

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