Titanfall: “This has to be perfect,” says producer amid industry ‘stagnation’

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 22 October 2013 10:48 GMT

Titanfall producer Drew McCoy feels that the stagnation of new ideas in the games industry, and hype surrounding the shooter has placed pressure on Respawn Entertainment to produce something that captures everyone’s attention once more. “This has to be perfect,” he has said.

McCoy’s comments follow this new Titanfall screenshot and tease on Twitter. Many gamers out there believe that tomorrow’s reveal concerns the shooter’s beta phase. We’ll update once we know more.

Now, speaking with MMGN, McCoy said of the studio’s pressure and hype surrounding Titanfall, “We think about it all the time. I think the next generation makes it a little bit harder. It’s been eight years since the last generation started, so people are just clamouring for new hardware. New experiences.

“I think the last few years, games have stagnated a lot. People are holding back their new, big ideas. Gamers feel that. They know that. They’re waiting. All they want is that next awesome thing to grab on to . What better time than now? It’s like, oh man, we can’t screw this up. Especially when we came out of E3 with that sort of great response. We came out of there really excited, but also realising, ‘Oh man, we can’t drop the ball on this’. This has to be perfect.”

He’s not got much to worry about. I played Titanfall and spoke with McCoy recently and found the game to be quite superb. Check out my impressions and interview here.

Via OXM.

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