Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has come to terms with “Xbone” nickname

By Phil Owen, Friday, 4 October 2013 02:19 GMT

As soon as the Xbox One was announced in May, Twitter exploded with a nickname for it: Xbone. It has stuck in the months since, but Major Nelson didn’t find it to be particularly amusing and wanted it to stop. Phil Spencer, though, realizes “Xbone” will likely stick around, and so he’s just gonna roll with it.

“At first, I guess the thing that bugged me the most is I didn’t see it,” Spencer told GameSpot. “I’d been looking at the name for Xbox One for months, and I wasn’t clever enough to merge them and come up with Xbone.

“I think it’s going to stick. I think we can say we don’t like it as much as we want, but it’s a clever use of the name. Probably not the most flattering name, but I think it’s going to be there.”

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