Criterion voluntarily sent staff over to Ghost Games, EA didn’t “ask” the studio to do it

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 17 September 2013 16:06 GMT

Criterion Games’ studio director Fiona Sperry has said that it was never the developer’s intention to stick with doing Need for Speed games, and just because the majority of its staff is now over at Ghost Games doesn’t mean the developer is in dire straits.

Speaking with PCgamesN, Sperry said the reduction in staff was the studio’s decision and not one made by parent company Electronic Ats.

“Criterion has always been about doing our own games so it was never the long term plan for us to stay doing Need for Speed,” Sperry said. “That’s not our game.

“We lent some people (artists and engineers primarily) to Ghost as when you’re making something new you don’t need a whole team of people – we didn’t need them, Ghost did – so it all just made sense. [It] wasn’t something EA ‘asked’ us to do.

“My management team at Criterion sorted it out with the management team at Ghost. That’s how things work at EA these days. Teams work together, coordinate sharing of people as it suits where projects are at.”

Sperry went on to say that Criterion enjoys “being a small team,” and that it intends to stay small for “as long as possible.”

“Our best games and ideas come about when we work this way,” she said.

Need for Speed: Rivals from Ghost Games will release on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 November 19, and will be a next-gen launch title.

Criterion is currently working in an unannounced title which is not a racing game.

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