Xbox One: Call of Duty Ghosts to support Kinect voice commands

By Dave Cook, Friday, 24 May 2013 11:47 GMT

Call of Duty: Ghosts will support Kinect voice commands on Xbox One, Activision’s Eric Hirshberg has confirmed. It’s not yet clear if you can ‘bark’ orders at the dog, but we can hope.

Speaking with VentureBeat, Hirshberg said of a comment he made during a post-reveal Kinect panel, “I made a passing comment that you’re going to see voice integration, voice commands via Kinect, which is something that we haven’t done in the past with Call of Duty.

“We think the improvements to Kinect really excite us because of the level of responsiveness and detail. I thought that the demo they did with the voice commands on television, the instant changing between games and music, was really compelling.

“You’ll see more of this coming from us as we get closer to the launch.
Obviously, we didn’t reveal that element today. We just mentioned it. But we’ve always made sure that we don’t just use new technology for novelty’s sake. We always make sure that it makes the gameplay better. In this case, we think it will”.

Will Kinect make Call of Duty: Ghost’s gameplay better? Discuss below, and be sure to check out the game’s latest trailer here.

Cheers CVG.

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