Parashoot Stan: ex-Rare dev & Conker designer reveals new iOS game

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 22 November 2012 15:18 GMT

Chris Seavor worked at Rare for almost 20 years before leaving in 2011 to create his own iOS game Parashoot Stan. Eurogamer has spoken with Seavor – who was lead designer on Rare classic Conker’s Bad Fur Day – about his new creation.

It’s the first game from Seavor’s new studio Gory Detail and it follows an imaginative young boy called Stan who reads comic books based on a war, and then finds himself endlessly flying through a sea of airborne hazards. It’s a distance-attack game like Canabalt where the aim is to keep Stan falling for as long as possible.

Seavor said of the premise, “We stuck with an endless runner format, but we wanted to do something slightly different with it and try and bring a bit of humour into it. I’m old school, so that way of doing the graphics, going back to Killer Instinct and Donkey Kong with the rendered stuff to give it a personality and character. That was the premise of it.

“We’re not going the Conker route of profanity, although it’s a little bit gory. It’s comic book gore. And maybe a little bit of innuendo but it’s low-key.”

Here’s the first teaser trailer:

Eurogamer also has screens and a gameplay clip. Check it out here.

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