Halo Game Services job listing mentions “experience in MMO development”

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 20 November 2012 20:41 GMT

343 Industries is hiring, and it is looking for someone who can help it build “large scale distributed systems with a focus on scalability, reliability, serviceability, maintainability, and stability.”

Long-winded description aside, the Halo Game Services job listing is for a software engineer, and among the prerequisite experience listings is “experience in MMO development” noted in “ideal experience.”

Gamespot reminded us that when Ensemble Studios was shuttered, it was revealed the team had been working on a Halo MMO, codenamed both Titan and Orion which was canned in 2007.

The game had been in the works since as early as 1998, according to some accounts.

Could 343 be looking to scrape up the pieces or start afresh on a Halo MMO? Only it knows for sure at this point, but it sounds more tech than MMO to us, as 343 could just be looking for someone with experience in MMOs due to server issues, stability, or something less exciting and technical: “The Halo Game Services team is working on building the next generation of backend services to power Halo 4 and our new game saga.”

We’ll send a mail anyway.

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