Puppeteer dev stresses that it ‘isn’t necessarily for kids’

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 30 October 2012 08:11 GMT

Puppeteer is one of many PS3 projects being worked on by Sony Japan Studio. It may be a 2D platformer that stars a puppet, but it’s definitely not just for kids the developer has stressed. In fact, the puppet star of the game has his head ripped off by the king. Traumatising.

Producer at SCEA Tsubasa Inaba, stressed to Joystiq, “It’s not necessarily for kids. The minute you design a game that appears to be for kids, the kids are turned off by it.”

He’s got a point. Kids aren’t stupid, they’re really sharp, and Puppeteer certainly isn’t comparable to the Teletubbies. The game’s star Kutaro can swap heads with other puppets to use their abilities – a lot like Treasure’s Mega Drive/Genesis platformer Dynamite Headdy.

Kutaro also wields a pair of scissors that can be used to cut the fabric environment, fight enemies and more. So yeah, it’s not all smiles and sunshine that’s for sure.

Puppeteer hits PS3 in 2013, are you pumped for it? Let us know below.

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