Verbinski’s Matter to focus on emotional connection between on-screen movements, the player

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 9 June 2012 17:32 GMT

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said film director Gore Verbinski brought the idea for his studio’s game Matter to the firm after being “exposed to Kinect.”

Speaking with Joystiq, Spencer said Verbinski’s and his Blind Wink Games pitched the idea of a game which focuses on the emotional connection between the movements on the screen and the players, and MS apparently liked the idea.

“You should hear it from him, he does a much better job than I do in explaining it,” Spencer said, “but the idea was that in your physical motion, your emotion actually comes through.

“To a lot of people who haven’t played games for a long time, somebody standing completely stationary with a controller in their hands kind of seems emotionless, even though we know that we’ll be sweating or twitching. [It was] his feeling, that with motion and movement, that the connection of the emotion that’s happening on screen and how the player feels would be more natural.”

The game, which was first shown during MS’s E3 2012 press conference on June 4, showed a round, metal Pokeball-like object floating through various puzzle elements, will be used as a “control surface for the game.” That’s all that’s know at the moment really.

Blind Wink, which was founded by Verbinski in 2008, will release the game exclusively through XBLA sometime in 2013.

Watch the video for it below.

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