JRPG specialist Monkeypaw launches $500,000 Kickstarter for Class of Heroes 2 retail release

By Johnny Cullen, Wednesday, 28 March 2012 08:49 GMT

Monkeypaw will launch today a Kickstarter that aims to give PSP title Class of Heroes 2 a US retail release, with the boss of its partner confirming it may bring more over if this works out.

Head of Monkeypaw’s parter in this scheme, Gaijinworks’ Victor Ireland said it had a “laundry list” of games it could bring over from Japan that have never had a western release, adding there is room for a resurgence of sorts for the JRPG genre.

“There’s tons of great RPG and related content in Japan that just isn’t making it out because it’s just pooh-poohed at unprofitable and written off,” Ireland told Kotaku.

“Fortunately with the Vita getting a huge push and its PSP compatibility, we can transition these unloved ugly ducklings so they can finally be seen as the graceful swans we saw all along.

“We’re looking at titles on all platforms, but there’s a special emphasis on PSP because there’s so many titles stuck in Japan that really need to be enjoyed here. However, even though I can’t give specific titles, know that we have pursued or are closing deals on all major platforms.”

Class of Heroes 2 is a 2009 sequel to the RPG that was published by Atlus for PSP. There’s a full list of rewards for those who donate to the Kickstarter page at the link.

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