Euro morning news bulletin – March 15, 2011

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 15 March 2011 09:03 GMT

It’s Tuesday. Let’s do this. Here are your morning headlines, young ones.

  • CCP is the latest big name company to hold a donation drive in the wake of last week’s Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Players of EVE Online will be offered the chance to give via PLEX donations, which will then be converted into real currency and donated to the Red Cross. Media elements are also chipping in too.
  • Bethesda announced Prey 2 yesterday for a 2012 launch on PS3, 360 and PC. It’s in development at Human Head and is being built using “the cutting edge id tech engine from id Software.” It’s not using id Tech 5, though. Bethesda PR boss Pete Hines says so.
  • LA Noire is set to last up to 25-30 hours, a Rockstar rep apparently said at PAX East over the weekend, according to a report.
  • Starbreeze’s now-canned Jason Bourne project was known as The Bourne Asendency. The Swedish studio is working with EA Partners on a secret project, rumoured to be a Syndicate reboot.
  • EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has said that publishers should “court controversy”, but only if it “matches creative integrity of a game.”
  • A copy of Black Ops can be found in 1 in 8 homes in the US, apparently. It’s “everywhere.”

You have now defeated the news beast. Well done. Audio’s back tomorrow.

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