Japanese software charts January 17-23: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix topples Monster Hunter 3rd

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 27 January 2011 15:36 GMT


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix knocked Monster Hunter Portable 3rd from its cushy number one spot on the Japanese software charts, moving over 77,000 units during its debut.

Still, Monster Hunter moved 43,196 and lifetime units to date now stand at 4,094,939.

The other heavy hitter on the chart, Pokemon Black and White, fell to eighth with 12,115 units moved, with life to date sales standing at 5,039,984 – a figure Monster Hunter is catching up with extremely fast. Pokemon was released on Spetember 18 in Japan, while Capcom’s offering has only been out since December 1.

Despite the debut of the International version of Kingdom Hearts, the week was rather slow for software sales and only three other debuts landed in the top 20: Kaiju Busters Powered (DS), Venus & Braves (PSP), and Love Zombie (DS).

Here’s Media Create’s full top 20 for January 17 though January 23. Last week’s chart can be found here:

  1. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix (PSP): 77,317
  2. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP): 43,196
  3. Donkey Kong Returns (Wii): 20,411
  4. Kaiju Busters Powered (DS): 17,989
  5. AKB1/48 (PSP): 12,765
  6. Ni no Kuni (DS): 12,608
  7. Inazuma Eleven 3 (DS): 12,386
  8. Pokemon Black & White (DS): 12,115
  9. Wii Party (Wii): 10,625
  10. Venus & Braves (PSP): 10,563
  11. Another Century’s Episode Portable (PSP): 9,071
  12. Momotaro Dentetsu 2010 Everyone’s Recommendation Selection (Wii): 8,925
  13. Magician’s Quest: The Merchant’s Store of Sorcery ( DS): 7,495
  14. Mario Sports Mix (Wii): 7,238
  15. Wii Sports Resort Wiimote Plus Pack (Wii): 6,987
  16. Winning Eleven 2011 (Pro Evo 11) (PSP): 6,904
  17. Taiko Drum Master Wii 3 (Wii): 6,484
  18. Mario Kart Wii (Wii): 6,273
  19. Love Zombie (DS): 6,187
  20. Travel in English: Little Charo (DS): 6,076

Thanks, Andriasang.

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