Kinect latest games tech to be banned in China

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 13 July 2010 11:02 GMT


Microsoft’s confirmed that Kinect won’t be going on sale in China this year. Or at any point, for that matter.

Microsoft’s COO in China, Michel Van Der Bel, said that the tech was the latest to fall foul on a government notice from June 2000, where the Ministry of Culture banned gaming equipment in the country.

A couple of consoles from Nintendo have managed to go on sale in the region, but 360 and PS3 are both banned.

Van Der Bel didn’t state if Microsoft had any intention of challenging the decision, but insisted it intends to cooperate with the law.

Microsoft showed off Kinect at E3 last month, with a November 4 US launch confirmed.

No price was mentioned, but that’s expected to be confirmed at gamescom next month, along with European launch plans.

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